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Singapore University of Social Sciences

Our Industry Partners

Potato Productions

Potato Productions is a group of companies spanning industries in design, technology, education, entertainment, publishing and more. It supports and develops social capitals through companies seeking to use technology for the common good, irrespective of the field. While the company operates in a variety of industry sectors, it creates new products and ideas to drive change, with the unified goal to be creative, do good and have fun.

SUSS and Potato Productions signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 29 July 2021 to promote and share opportunities on internship, work attachment, full-time employment, community engagement, any suitable local and overseas partnerships for companies and partners affiliated to Potato Productions with the University. In addition, SUSS and Potato Productions will co-organise industry sharing session to promote awareness and best practices in the relevant industries.

The first collaborating project would be the Outstanding E-Portfolio Campaign, which aims to raise awareness on the use of digital folios amongst institutes of higher learning students and employers. Since E-Portfolio is a signature programme of the University, the campaign will set precedence on the standard of digital folios and highlight the importance of an E-Portfolio as an employment resource.

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