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Our Industry Partners

PT Inertia Utama (Dexa Group)

Dexa Medica has evolved from a small company established in 1969 to one of Indonesia’s largest ethical pharmaceutical companies and has become a well-respected player in the Indonesian pharmaceutical market.

Expertise for the promotion of health has been the core purpose instilled by the founders. Honesty, trust, dedication and commitment to providing patients with the highest quality of ethical pharmaceutical products have been preserved as the guiding principles, based upon which the professional management team have developed the Company in the spirit of mutual respect, teamwork and innovation over more than five decades.

Serving as a good corporate citizen and being a strategic asset of Indonesia is Dexa Medica's foremost desire. Dexa Medica has worked together with governing institutions and the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Association to improve compliance and the industry standards.

Dexa Group and SUSS signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 12 December 2019, to collaborate on SUSS work attachments/internship programme for SUSS students.

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