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Singapore University of Social Sciences

Our Industry Partners

Shenzhen Nocra Consulting Service

Shenzhen Nocra Consulting Service Co. Ltd. is a talent exchange platform dedicated to serve overseas Chinese returnees. Its business scopes involve organising various talent events, forums and providing them with entrepreneurship supports. The parent association of Nocra - Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Returnees Association (SOCRA) is a comprehensive and cross-industrial association which was approved to establish on 19 December 2013 by the authorised department of Civil Affairs.

SOCRA has established collaborations with lots of local and foreign companies, as well as overseas Chinese federations and student associations. It is a non-profit social organisation which is able to hold events independently.

All members of the SOCRA are overseas returnees who are working or living in Shenzhen right now, especially the younger generation.

On 6 October 2020, SUSS signed an MOU with Shenzhen Nocra Consulting Service to collaborate on expanding and publicising SUSS Internship and Entrepreneurship programmes through Nocra’s network of partners, and supporting SUSS Internship and Entrepreneurship programmes.

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