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Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor's Degree Programme

The only multi-disciplinary programme offered at tertiary level in Southeast Asia, allowing students to read courses according to their needs

Bachelor of General Studies


The General Studies Programme is the only multi-disciplinary programme offered at tertiary level in Southeast Asia, allowing students to read courses according to their needs. Students may pick courses from one of many fields of study, with the resulting programme being specialised or multi-disciplinary in nature. The General Studies Programme offers a vast selection of courses from the humanities to the sciences, ranging from art appreciation and music appreciation to human resource management and design thinking courses.

No other tertiary programme offers you the range of courses like SUSS does, from our four schools, 60 programmes and more than 200 courses each semester. Many of these courses are unrestricted by discipline or level. With the General Studies Programme, you are the architect of your course of study.

As part of SUSS's commitment to lifelong learning, the General Studies Programme is strongly aligned with the university's social mission of 'inclusive opportunities' by creating pathways for people from all backgrounds.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Senior citizens will enjoy concessionary course fees for the General Studies Programme:

  • 10% for those aged 50 to 59, and
  • 20% for those aged 60 and above

The above concessions are not applicable to students enrolled in the Singapore University of Social Sciences scholarship and sponsorship schemes, students who are eligible for SkillsFuture Enhanced Fee Subsidy and courses offered with external institutions/organisations.

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete a total of 130 credit units (cu) to graduate with a basic degree, inclusive of 10 cu of university core courses.

The breakdown of the cu to be completed is:

  • 80 cu of GSP elective courses;
  • 40 cu from a Minor, and
  • 10 cu of SUSS Core courses.

Of the above, at least 40 cu must be from levels 2/3 courses. Students can complete a maximum of 3 Minors under the General Studies Programme.

Module Types
10 cu
(Minimum 1 Minor and maximum 3 Minors)
Minimum 40 cu and maximum 120 cu
Minimum 0 cu and maximum 80 cu
  • Graduates or professionals with specialised qualifications, who seek a broader-based, multi-disciplinary academic advancement.
  • Non-graduates who seek a customised degree programme for their personal and/or professional development.
  • Applicants from all walks of life.

The Bachelor of General Studies is customised to a variety of career needs.

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