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BSc Information Technology and Business (ERP)

Bachelor's Degree Programme

Direct Honours programme that equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills in both IT and Business.

BSc Information Technology and Business (ERP)


This is a direct Honours programme that equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills in both IT and Business. Graduates will develop a strong understanding of how to deploy IT in organisations. It also allows them to obtain an industry recognised SAP certification.

Students in this programme are automatically members of the Singapore Computer Society Student Chapter.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

This is a direct honours programme; graduating students who meet the honours eligibility criteria will be awarded the respective honours classification. To graduate, students are required to complete a total of 170 credit units (cu) of courses, inclusive of 10 cu of SUSS core courses.

The breakdown of the cu to be completed is:

  • 100 cu of Compulsory courses;
  • 20 cu of Major Elective courses;
  • 30 cu of Specialisation Elective course;
  • 10 cu Compulsory Capstone Project; and
  • 10 cu of SUSS Core courses.

The curriculum is structured such that:

  • Level 1 courses consist of foundational business and programming courses.
  • Level 2 courses consist of further business and programming courses, and subject area courses in operating system, computer network, data management and information system courses.
  • Level 3 courses consist of advanced business and IT project management courses, as well as industry certification course from SAP.
  • Level 4 – Compulsory Capstone ICT Project.
Module Types
10 cu
110 cu

(Refer to Note 4 for courses having multiple runs)

20 cu
20 cu
This programme is for students who have an interest in both Business and ICT specialising in enterprise resource planning.

Prepares graduates to take up position such as:

  • Business Analyst
  • ERP Solution Consultant
  • Systems Integrator
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