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Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning

A professional learning pathway that aims to prepare adult learning professionals for this fast-evolving environment.

Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning


Adult learning has been given prominence in recent years in Singapore and many countries around the world, in tandem with a heightened focus on lifelong learning. The Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning (GDATL) is a professional learning pathway that aims to prepare adult learning professionals for this fast-evolving environment. It also aims to provide career transition, or extension, opportunities for adult learning professionals. GDATL is designed with a two-fold purpose; Firstly, to prepare learners with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in teaching, assessing, and designing courses for adult learners with an imperative focus on the use of contemporary educational technology. Secondly, to provide learners with critical and philosophical thinking skills that are imperative for critiquing approaches to adult learning from its socio-political contexts, in order to design insightful, meaningful and rigorous learning experiences for adult learners. GDATL is taught by experienced academics and attracts a diverse group of learners who are interested in, and concerned with, adult learning in formal education, continuing and lifelong learning, and workplace learning.

Unique Features of the Programme

  • Designed to nurture a passion for critical inquiry in adult learning.
  • Offers learners ample opportunities to contextualise their learning according to their personal and professional interests, or for their workplace application.
  • Provides essential knowledge and skills in teaching, assessing, and designing courses for adult learners, with a focus on using educational technology.
  • The project work is designed to enhance professional skills in designing authentic courses for adult learners

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for graduate programmes.

This programme is currently unable to take in international students, i.e., you must be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or a resident in Singapore (e.g., Employment Pass holder) in order to apply for admission.

Courses may also be taken individually as a graduate certification course which enjoys SkillsFuture funding. For admission requirement to the graduate modular courses, please refer to this page in our website.

Financial Assistance

The University offers course fee concession for some master's programmes. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

The Adult Learning programme allows learners to complete the programme via different pathways through different exit points at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master's level to cater for learners with different professional goals, needs and interests.

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate enables learners to acquire the essential skills and knowledge in adult learning. It constitutes an entry level preparation for teaching and assessing adult learners

Courses may also be taken individually, via Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE), leading to a Graduate Certificate.

For more information on Graduate Certification, please click here.
For information about SkillsFuture funding for these courses, please click here.

Graduate Diploma

The graduate diploma deepens the skills and knowledge gained from the graduate certificate with a focus on learning design for adult learners.


The Master's level provides learners interdisciplinary experiences to help them develop solutions to pressing problems faced in real world setting of adult learning.

The Master Project enables learners to conduct investigate into areas of inquiry in adult learning of choice and interest. Through electives, learners are able to deepen their skills and knowledge in specific areas, such as facilitation strategies, coaching and mentoring, or the use of technology in education.

To graduate with the Master in Adult Learning, students are required to complete a total of 60 credit units (cu) and obtain a minimum CGPA of 3.0. All courses are 5 cu unless stated otherwise.

This programme is suitable for those wishing to study at their own pace according to their own professional needs, aspirations and interests. Adult learning practitioners, curriculum leaders, trainers and consultants, and administrators responsible for staff professional development will find this programme useful. This programme can also be appropriate for those without the necessary background but wishing to advance their knowledge and skills in this field.

The Adult Learning Programme graduates can consider career opportunities in formal adult education (e.g. universities, post-secondary educational institutions, continuing and lifelong learning institutions, etc), training and development, consultancy as well as organisational learning and development positions.

Learners who are already in training and development careers will be able to value-add to their existing work with new skills, knowledge, perspectives and professional networks resulting from their participation in our Adult Learning Programme. This programme also provides those who wish to switch careers with extended options for taking up different types of work related to educational leadership, adult teaching, and educational data analysis, to name a few, which have become increasingly relevant in Singapore, under SkillsFuture initiatives, and elsewhere in the world today.

  1. How many intake(s) are there in a year for Graduate Diploma (GDATL)?
    Two intakes a year; every January and July.

  2. How long is the duration to complete the programme?
    GDATL is a 1-year programme.

  3. What is the maximum candidature for a student to complete GDATL?
    The maximum candidature for GDATL is 2 years.

  4. How many courses do students take in each semester?
    Students are recommended to complete 3 courses per semester.

  5. When are the lessons scheduled?
    Each course is delivered over 32 hours which includes:
    • 24 hours of face-to-face classes will be conducted over 6 Saturday. Classes will start at either 8.30am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
    • 8 hours of online sessions over 6 weeks. Includes (but not limited to) - online discussion, reflections, online task.

  6. What is the assessment format?
    Students are generally assessed through a continuous assessment component and an examinable component. A weighted average mark obtained from the combination of these two will be used to determine your final grade for the course. To pass a course, you must pass both components.
    • Overall Continuous Assessment (OCAS) - 50%
      i. Tutor Marked Assignment (50%)
    • Overall Examinable Component (OES) - 50%
      i. End of Course Assessment (50%)
    Please click here for more information.

  7. Are there any course exemptions?
    There will not be any course exemption for the Adult Learning programme.

  8. What is the Programme Structure?
    The graduate programme in Adult Learning is made up of:
    1. Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning*
      • Complete ADL511, ADL513 and ADL515 with a CGPA of 2.5 for Adult Education track.
    2. Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning
      • Complete the 3 courses from Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning and complete ADL521, ADL527 and ADL598 with a CGPA of 2.5.
      • You will need a CGPA of 3.0 to be able to proceed and start Master of Adult Learning.
    3. Master of Adult Learning
      • Meet the requirement of Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning with a CGPA of 3.0.
      • Complete 3 compulsory courses of ADL523,ADL557 and ADL566
      • Complete 3 electives of either ADL525, ADL551, ADL553, ADL564, ADL565 or ADL696#
        #ADL696 is a 10CU course. If you choose ADL696, you will only need to complete another one more elective.
      • You will need a CGPA of 3.0 to be awarded with Master of Adult Learning.
    Please refer to Programme Flyer for Programme Structure.

  9. What is the course fees?
    For Singapore Citizen/Permanent Residents, the course fee for each 5 Credit Unit (cu) is $2,354#.

    Course Fee for students taking non project (5 cu per course) route
    • 3 Courses (15 cu) for Graduate Certificate: $2,354 * 3 = $7,062
    • 6 courses (30 cu) for Graduate Diploma: $2,354 * 6 = $14,124
    • 12 courses (60 cu) for Master's Programme: $2,354 * 12 = $28,248
    #Course fees are accurate as of 09 December 2019.

    Please click here for more information.

    SkillsFuture Funding
    Most Students will be able to enjoy SkillsFuture funding (SSG Funding) for ADL511, ADl513 and ADL515. Depending on your eligibility, each course will be $706.20 (Singapore Citizen/ Permanent Resident below 40 years old) or $266.20 (Singapore Citizen 40 years old and above). More information on course fees can be found here.

    More information on SkillsFuture funding can be found here.

  10. Are there any concession of fees?
    There are a few Course Fee Concession that are available for students.
    Please see the respective links below:
    For more information on course fee concession, please contact Student Recruitment Office at +65 6248 9777 or via email at

  11. How do I register?
    For Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning or Master of Adult Learning, please register via Student Admission Office by clicking on this link.

    If you require further assistance on application, please contact Admission Office via email -
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