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Master of Management

Master's Degree Programme

To prepare business executives with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the effective management of organisations.

Master of Management


The Master of Management programme aims to prepare business executives with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the effective management of organisations. The programme equips learners with 21st century skills and knowledge such as problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, communication skills, as well as leadership capabilities, while ensuring that the need for sustainability, social responsibility and ethical practices are met.

The curriculum builds on the core foundation of business management. By embracing complementarities and knowledge exchange with other emerging disciplines and fields, students can gain a deeper perspective of the best practices in a specialisation of their choice, depending on their career lifecycle and evolution.

Unique Features of the Programme

  • The programme offers an immersive learning experience where students can explore global best practices and apply practical solutions to business and management challenges at their workplace.
  • The variety of specialisations afford maximum flexibility in course selection according to the student's individual preferences and interests.
  • The programme is stackable and thus in line with the national emphasis on stackable credentials that facilitate lifelong learning. Students may graduate with a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master's degree in management.
  • The teaching and learning strategy of using real-world case studies and guest speakers help to inject more relevant and updated business and management knowledge in classes.

Watch the following video for a better understanding of the programme:

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for graduate programmes.

Applicants with relevant work experience but with other qualifications may be considered on an individual basis.

Applicants with social outreach or volunteering experience have an added advantage.

This programme is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents, as well as international students.

Financial Assistance

The University offers course fee concession for selected graduate programmes. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

To graduate with the Master of Management, students are required to complete 60 cu of courses. There are two tracks in the Master of Management, namely the Management and Specialisation tracks.

The curriculum of the Management track comprises of Management courses (30 cu), a Management Consulting Project (10 cu) and Specialisation courses (20 cu), which can be replaced by up to 10 cu of Graduate Unrestricted Electives and/or MOOC Electives.

The curriculum of Specialisation track (30 cu) comprises of:

Students have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0 in their coursework in order to obtain the degree.

Classes are conducted in the evenings during the weekdays, so students can continue to work in the day and study in the evening.


MMGT students are required to complete 60 cu of coursework. The management courses are based on a 2.5 cu configuration. The minimum candidature period is one (1) year and the maximum candidature period is four (4) years (average time taken is 1.5 to 2.5 years).

Application to the MMGT programme is open for both January and July intakes.

Regular Pathway
The regular pathway (MMGT) is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Students on the regular MMGT pathway take a maximum 20 cu of courses per semester and complete the programme in maximum four (4) years.

Accelerated Pathway
The accelerated pathway (MMGT-A) is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are not in full time employment, as well as international students. Students on the accelerated pathway take 30 cu of courses on average per semester and complete the MMGT programme in one (1) year. For international students on accelerated pathway, the MMGT programme can be completed in either 12 or 18 months, depending on the study plan.

Interested applicants should apply for the MMGT programme first, and will then be assessed during the admission interview on their suitability for the accelerated pathway, should they wish to embark on it.

Module Types
20 to 30 cu
0 to 10 cu
30 cu

The programme is suitable for business executives who are entering into managerial roles, or currently serving managerial roles in organisations and who wish to obtain a formal education in management. The programme will prepare them with managerial skills and knowledge as they advance from career development to career evolution.

The programme supplements students' undergraduate area of expertise with business management knowledge and skills. The pursuit of a specialisation in an emerging discipline will dramatically increase students' employment prospects in their chosen field and help them position themselves in an increasingly ambiguous and uncertain business environment.

  1. How many intakes are there in a year for the Master of Management (MMGT), Graduate Diploma in Management (GDMGT) or Graduate Certificate in Management (GCMGT) programme?
    There are two intakes per year that take place in January and July.

  2. How long does it take to complete the MMGT, GDMGT or GCMGT programme?
    For the MMGT, the minimum duration is 3 semesters (18 months) while the maximum is 8 semesters (four years). For the MMGT-A, the duration is fixed at two semesters (12 months) or 3 semesters (18 months).
    For the GDMGT, the minimum duration is one semester (6 months) while the maximum is 4 semesters (two years). Students on the accelerated pathway will be able to complete the GDMGT in one semester (6 months).
    For the GCMGT, the minimum duration is 1 semester (six months) while the maximum is 2 semesters (one year).

  3. Is GMAT or GRE required for admission?
    No, GMAT or GRE score is not required for admission to MMGT, GDMGT or GCMGT programme.

  4. Is an interview required for admission?
    Shortlisted applicants will be required to undergo one or more interviews conducted by the University.

  5. What are the assessment components for each course?
    The assessment comprises a mixture of pre-course quizzes, class participation, online discussion boards, group-based assignments/tutor-marked assignments and examinations/end-of-course assessments. Students will need to achieve a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.0 to be awarded the Master of Management.

  6. When are the lessons scheduled?
    Classes are generally conducted on weekday evenings from 7pm to 10pm or weekends.

  7. Am I required to attend classes during the day on weekdays?
    Yes, only international students working on MGT599 Management Consulting Project will need to come back to campus on weekdays (daytime), to complete their 10 cu project. In addition, international students should schedule meetings with their project supervisor and conduct their research work for MGT599 Management Consulting Project in the day (i.e., during office hours). International students will be also be able to take MGT599 Management Consulting Project via unrestricted electives under the Specialisation track.

    International students must fulfil the daytime classes criteria. This rule will not apply for non-international students.

  8. Are there any attendance requirements?
    We encourage students to attend all the face-to-face seminars/course to maximise their learning as well as to receive in-class participation marks.

  9. Can I apply for course exemption and recognition?
    Credit recognition may be granted to applicants for courses completed in SUSS or in approved institutions or organisations which are, or deemed to be, offering relevant graduate-level courses. Credit recognition shall follow SUSS's policy.

  10. I am working full time. Will I be able to enrol in the programme?
    Yes, these programmes cater to full-time working professionals.

  11. If I am an international student, do I need to apply for visa to come to Singapore?
    The university will provide the necessary information to facilitate the application of student pass. For more information, please click here.

  12. What happens if I do not complete the graduate programmes (e.g. Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master) within the candidature period? Can I apply to take the remaining courses via CET pathway?
    Students who have not completed their graduate programmes within the stipulated candidature period will not be eligible for the award of the qualification for such graduate programmes. Such students however may apply to take, via the CET pathway, the remaining courses which they did not complete under their graduate programmes as part of their personal learning and development . Such application will be subjected to the CET admission requirement. However, as such students have exceeded the candidature period for their graduate programmes, they will not be awarded the qualification for such graduate programmes even after taking and completing the remaining courses via the CET pathway (“Condition”).

"The MMGT programme enabled me to apply theoretical knowledge to real business challenges and helped me to apply it at my organisation. I also appreciate the faculty members and the industry experts that were brought in to share invaluable experiences and made us think critically and creatively. It has helped me to hone my leadership skills and I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities the MMGT programme has offered me."

MMGT-NPM graduating cohort 2023
"The MMGT programme has been an incredibly transformative experience, propelling me on a journey of self-discovery and professional development. The courses, enriched with industry case studies and insightful guest speakers, challenged me to think critically and explore new ideas. I am deeply grateful for the dedication and commitment shown by the esteemed faculty in showcasing the latest best practices and solutions to address real-world business challenges."

MMGT-DM graduating cohort 2023
"My experience as an MMGT student was highly beneficial, and I particularly appreciated the school's online modules. I was able to balance my studies, work and family obligations with this flexibility, and I could access course materials and lectures remotely. As a result of the UNE500 modules and the additional exposure to diverse topics, my horizons expanded beyond my specialisation and enhanced my overall education."

MMGT-DM student, Jan 2021 intake

"My MMGT journey has been enriching and transformative. The curriculum has not only provided me with valuable knowledge but also fostered independent learning, critical thinking, problem solving and adaptability skills necessary for success in today's dynamic business landscape. I look forward to continuing my studies and
applying these insights to real-world scenarios in my future endeavours.

MMGT student, Jan 2023 intake


"The programme has allowed me to pinpoint the issues that
businesses face nowadays. The flexibility and understanding
imparted by the lecturers of the programme also allowed me
to think out of the box and conduct research using several
approaches, something which I believe cannot be learned from
other programmes."

MMGT International Student from Brunei
2021 intake


"The programme is designed with care to equip learners with the must-have mindset and skill sets essential for successful business managers through the use of practical and real-world case studies in actual business contexts. Regardless of whether you are a fresh graduate or a working adult, MMGT will serve you well in your pursuit of lifelong and experiential learning."

MMGT International Student from Vietnam
2021 intake


"The MMGT programme is unique and different from other management programmes that I came across during my research as it allows students the flexibility to choose to study from a variety of modules according to their interests. Apart from general management modules, the knowledge that I gained from certain specialised modules in the human capital management and non-profit management domains has helped me solve business problems in my current job. The faculty are wonderful, making the evening and weekend lectures interesting with a mixture of theory, case studies and open discussions."

MMGT International Student from India
2021 intake

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