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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Part-Time)

Bachelor's Degree Programme

The programme is designed for early childhood educators working with children and families.

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Part-Time)

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Register for our programme briefing session at the SUSS e-Open House on 31 Aug 2024 (Sat) to have your queries answered by our faculty. You can also watch our programme briefing video at your own time and attend enrichment talks by industry experts.

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The early childhood education (ECE) scene in Singapore has rapidly evolved over the last decade. Increasing studies have affirmed and documented the importance of learning and development of children in the first 6 years of life, making early education an increasingly important component of a successful educational, social and family policy agenda in Singapore.

The need to raise the quality of preschool programmes through better teacher training have also been highlighted in recent government initiatives.

Students may pursue Early Childhood Education as a single major or in combination with a Minor.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should submit documents to meet two main requirements:

1) General admission criteria for undergraduate programmes.

2) Be currently employed as

  • L2 ECDA registered teacher on a full-time basis

In addition to the admission requirements for the programme, applicants will be evaluated on academic merit and/or relevant work experience. Interviews will be conducted for all shortlisted applicants to assess their suitability in terms of their motivation and ability to complete the programme. Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo one or more interview(s) and/or take written admission or other evaluation tests.

Priority will be given to preschool educators currently employed full time in the field.

All applications are considered individually and the offer of admission depends on the number of places available. Admission is solely within the discretion of Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Financial Assistance

There are various types of financial aid (e.g., study grants) available to students. Please click here for more details.

The following study awards/grants are open to the part-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students:

  • Kewalram Chanrai Group Study Grants
  • Chou Sing Chu Foundation Study Awards
  • Chan Lai Yee & Chan Ching Yee Study Grants

In addition to the financial aid schemes, there are scholarships which are open to part-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students. For example:

  • Kewalram Chanrai Group Scholarships (open to all part-time female undergrads)
  • There are also annual scholarships from the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Applications are made directly to ECDA. Please refer to ECDA their website for more details.

Programme Structure

Building on what the teachers already know in relation to the teaching and caring of young children, the programme includes a major subject combination that equips students with advanced knowledge in curriculum design and pedagogy in literacy, arts, mathematics and science for early childhood programmes.

Through the multi-disciplinary courses, learners will be able to critically evaluate their teaching practices and apply their understanding of young children's characteristics and needs to create environments and programmes that are healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging for all children.

The core and elective courses are selected to extend the range of professional knowledge and competencies of the early childhood professional across different disciplines and areas of study and will incorporate latest research-based evidence and practical application to enable students to stay relevant in an ever-changing and evolving ECE industry.

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

For Jul23 intake onwards:
Students are required to complete a total of 130 credit units (cu) to graduate with a basic degree.

The breakdown of the cu to be completed is:

All courses are 5 cu unless stated otherwise.

Please note that minor in management will not lead to ECDA certification for principal/centre leader positions. Those interested in centre leader qualifications should contact ECDA directly for information or look up

Module Types
10 cu
5 cu
5 cu
50 cu
30 cu
30 cu

(Students can use 30 cu to take a minor.)

The programme is designed for early childhood educators who are already ECDA-certified and working in the early childhood sector in Singapore.

Career opportunities in children and education related professions such as early childhood educators, curriculum specialists, enrichment programme specialists, managers, executives and entrepreneurs in children-related industries.


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