Professor Cham Tao Soon Retires As Chancellor And Chairman Of SIM University; Succeeded By Mr Gerard Ee
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 Professor Cham Tao Soon Retires As Chancellor And Chairman Of SIM University; Succeeded By Mr Gerard Ee

  1. Mr Gerard Ee has assumed the position of Chancellor of SIM University (UniSIM), as well as Chairman of the UniSIM Board of Trustees, taking over from Professor Cham Tao Soon with effect from 16 May 2014.
  2. Professor Cham, the first Chancellor and Chairman of UniSIM, was instrumental in the establishment of the University, which was set up in 2005 with a mandate from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to pioneer private university education for working adults. In the short span of less than a decade, UniSIM has established itself as a university of choice for continuing education.  The University is poised to play a bigger role in supporting the nation's manpower development with its recent appointment to host the third Law School, as well as to provide full-time government-subsidised undergraduate degree studies.
  3. Under Professor Cham's tenure, UniSIM established a strong quality system and mindset and, together with its graduates, earned recognition from the government, industry and employers. In 2008, MOE approved subsidies of up to 40% of tuition fees, which were subsequently increased to 55% in 2011, for UniSIM students. In 2012, MOE also extended government bursaries, and tuition fee and study loans to UniSIM students. Many partnerships were formed with leading industry players to offer programmes that are robust and relevant. Employers also recognise UniSIM graduates through higher pay and better career progression.
  4. Ahead of his time, Professor Cham mandated the University's strategic focus on e-learning as the primary mode of delivery to enhance student learning.  This has strengthened the "anytime, anywhere" offering of UniSIM's programmes and provided enhancement to students' learning. Under his leadership, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a large field of disciplines, including those catering to niche and emerging needs such as gerontology and early childhood education, were started.  UniSIM also embarked on flagship areas of research in gerontology, human factors, service excellence and technology-assisted learning. 
  5. UniSIM's current student enrolment stands at more than 13,000, up from 6,000 in 2006.
  6. UniSIM would like to express its deep appreciation to Professor Cham for his contributions which propelled the University forward and made an impact on the higher education landscape in Singapore.
  7. Mr Ee, the newly-appointed Chancellor and Chairman, is the immediate past Chairman of the SIM Governing Council1. He is the President of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants and Chairman of the Council for Third Age.
  8. Other previous appointments included the Chairman of the Public Transport Council, President of the National Council of Social Services and President of the Automobile Association of Singapore. Mr Ee has chaired an extensive range of social service organisations and programmes, including juvenile rehabilitative centres, grassroots organisations, schools, and various programmes for the elderly and youth.

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1Assuming the overall governance of the SIM Group is the Governing Council. Comprising independent elected members, the Council is responsible for the strategic direction of the Group, acts as a watchdog on all financial, remuneration and audit matters and closely monitors compliance with control measures. At the entities' level, SIM University (UniSIM) and Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd are also governed by a Board of Trustees and Directors respectively.​​​​