Course Fee Concession
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 Course Fee Concession

Singapore University of Social Sciences offers ​the following course fee concessions:

  • Applicants who are 60 years ​old and above will enjoy 20% course fee concession.
  • Alumni (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral programmes) of Singapore University of Social Sciences and Singapore Institute of Management will enjoy 20% course fee concession.
Students will enjoy only one of the two categories of concession. The above concessions are applicable to all programmes offered by the University unless specified otherwise. 

They are not applicable to students under any scholarship or sponsorship schemes, as well as courses offered with external institutions/organisations. The concessions are also not to be used concurrently with any other concessions.​


Concession for First Two Master's Courses

To encourage further education and upgrading by alumni, Singapore University of Social Sciences Alumni (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral programmes​) will also enjoy an additional 30% course fee concession for the first two master's courses when they enrol for a Graduate Diploma and/or Master's programme with the University. The enhance course fee concession scheme is subject to the following:
  • Alumni must not be receiving any company sponsorships or scholarships.
  • There will be no cap on the number of Master's programmes. However, alumni must fulfil all requirements for the conferment of the current Master's programme before being eligible for the enhanced course fee concession for the next Master's programme.
  • Alumni enrolled into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) e.g. the Master in Social Work programme, and who received funding will be eligible for the enhanced concession should they ​proceed to the Master's programme upon completion of the Graduate Diploma.
  • Alumni taking vendor and/or partner programmes will not be eligible for the enhanced course fee concession. 
  • Alumni who transfer to another Master's programme during their candidature will not enjoy the enhanced course fee concession of 50% again for the Master's programme which they are transferring to. ​​​​​​​​​​​