Sheryl Chua

Dr Sheryl Chua Hwee Chin

Deputy Head, Public Safety and Security Programme

School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences

Tel: +65 6240 8959

Email: c2hlcnlsY2h1YWhjQHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. (Psychology), Nanyang Technological University

B.A. Hons (Psychology), Nanyang Technological University

Academic and Professional Experience

2024 - Present
Deputy Head, Singapore University of Social Science

2021 - 2023

Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Science

Associate, Singapore University of Social Science

2019 - 2021
Manager, Product Innovation & Insights, Institute for Human Resource Professionals

2016 - 2019
Psychologist, Operations & Leadership Psychology Branch, Ministry of Home Affairs


  • Khader, M., Tan, E., Toh, B., Diong, S.M., Chua, H.S.(2023) Crisis Leadership: A Guide for Leaders. Singapore: World Scientific. doi:

Book Chapters

  • Chua, H.S. (2023). Defining Crises. In Crisis Leadership: A Guide for Leaders (pp. 3-19). Singapore: World Scientific. doi:

  • Ang, D., Chua,H.S., Khader, M. (2020). Gearing up for crises: Developing a crisis readiness questionnaire. In Prepared for Evolving Threats: The Role of Behavioural Sciences in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Selected Essays from the Asian Conference of Criminal and Operations Psychology 2019 (pp. 171-220). Singapore: World Scientific.

  • Chua, H.S., Khader, M., Tan, E. (2018). The Looming, the Creeping, and the Black Swan: Modern crises and recommendations for building resilience. In Learning from violent extremist attacks: Behavioural sciences insights for practitioners and policy makers (pp. 475-498). Singapore: World Scientific. doi:

Peer-reviewed Journals

  • Chua, H.S., Khader, M., Tan, E. (2019). Leading in a fat tail world: Modern crises & recommendations for leaders. Home Team Journal, Issue 9. Singapore: Home Team Academy.

  • Bedford, O., & Chua, H.S. (2017). Everything also I want: An exploratory study of Singaporean Kiasuism (fear of losing out). Culture & Psychology,24(4), 491-511. doi: 10.1177/1354067X17693831

  • Chua, H.S., & Bedford, O. (2016). A qualitative exploration of fear of failure and entrepreneurial intent in Singapore. Journal of Career Development, 43(4), 319-334. doi: 10.1177/0894845315599255


  • Chua, H.S. From Crisis Management to Crisis Leadership: The Role of an Effective Leader during a Crisis. Presented at the 2022 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference, Australia. July 2022.

  • Chua, H.S. Development & Validation of the Perceived Crisis Readiness Scale. Presented at the 5th Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology, Singapore. July 2022.

  • Chua, H.S., Khader, M., Tan, E., Choo, B., & Chua, P.T. A systematic review of crisis leadership & critical incident management. Presented at the 4th Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology, Singapore. July 2019. Awarded with the ‘Most Inspiring Oral Presentation’.

  • Chua, H.S., Khader, M. Leading in a fat tail world: Modern crises & implications for leaders. Presented at the 32nd British Academy of Management, Bristol, UK. September 2018.

  • Chua, H.S., Ho, M-H.R., Uy, M.A. Development and validation of entrepreneurial fear of failure. Presented at the 36th Babson College Entrepreneurship Research, Bodø, Norway. June 2016.

  • Chua, H.S. Kiasuism in Singapore: Fear of losing out. Presented at the 11th Biennial AASP and 52nd PAP convention, Philippines, Cebu. August 2015.

  • Bedford, O., Chua, H.S. Fear of failure in entrepreneurship in a Chinese society. Presented at the 123rd American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada. August 2015.

Editorial Review Board Member, International Journal of Disaster Response and
Emergency Management (IJDREM)

Member, Register of Qualifi cations in Test Use (RQTU)

Co-PI for Programme Evaluation Study

Lead Researcher for Qualitative Component for ‘Work, Well-being, and Resilience: Understanding Singapore’s Mature Workforce’ Project

Co-PI NTUC Consultancy Project on Slowing Workforce

Apr 2019 to Jun 2023
Collaborator for WDARF Grant titled ‘Work, Well-being, and Resilience: Understanding Singapore’s Mature Workforce’ Project

Research Advisor, Research & Data Division, Ministry of Communications and Information

• Leadership
• Crisis Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Organisational psychology
• Gerontology
• Well-being

  • Today Online, ‘CNY bazaar: Police warn lockdowns may be needed to limit visitor numbers; experts say Chinatown presents unique crowd control challenges’, 12 January 2023.

  • Today Online, ‘Marina Bay new year countdown: Some S'poreans eager to join celebrations after 2-year absence, not fazed by expected large crowds’, 28 December 2022.

  • Channel NewsAsia, ‘Commentary: Are bystanders who film rather than intervene actually helpful?’, 18 March 2022.

  • Today Online, 'Why I have both fear of going out and fear of missing out in a pandemic', 23 Dec 2021.

  • 8world, 奥密克戎毒株敲响警钟 为何本地逛街人潮依然汹涌?, 11 Dec 2021.

  • Todayonline, Explainer: As Singapore learns to treat Covid-19 as endemic, how do we deal with our fear of the virus?, 7 Oct 2021.
  • Guest Speaker, “Leadership, Adaptability, & Resilience in Crisis Management”, at Civil Service College, Tianjin Eco-City (TEC) Programme, 13 June 2023.

  • Guest Speaker, “Effective Crisis Leadership”, at Civil Service College, MTI-SPO Programme 2022, 19 September 2022.

  • Panellist, “Crisis Communications and Leadership”, at SGSecure@Workplaces, 28 February 2022 & 13 September 2022.

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