SUSS values high standards of good governance, integrity, accountability, transparency, ethical and legal conduct.

The whistleblower can report actual or suspected, on any of the matters described below:

  • Wilful, fradulent actions that may lead to incorrect financial report.
  • Breach or failure to comply with applicable rules, regulations or laws.
  • Breach or failure to comply with the University’s statutes, policies, rules, regulations or codes of conduct.
  • Conflict of interest.
  • Actions that can amount to serious misconduct.
  • Any other matters which may cause financial loss to the University or damage its reputation.

The whistleblower has the option to reveal his/her identity or to remain anonymous. All reports will be treated in strict confidence and the whistleblower's identity will be protected with utmost confidentiality at all times.

The whistleblower can submit a report to SUSS Internal Audit Department, via the following channels.

Mail by post:

  Internal Audit Department
Singapore University of Social Sciences
463 Clementi Road,
Singapore 599494


Reporting on Other Matters

The following should be raised through the University usual reporting channels as provided below.

Subject MatterResponse Channel

All Student Matters


Student Services (SS):

Student Life Enquiries


Office of Student Life (OST):

Associate Faculty related Matters  


Associates Management (AM):

Campus Security+65 6248 9100


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