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Commercialising Innovation

Commercialising Innovation (IPM575)


IPM575 Commercialising Innovation considers how intellectual property (IP) assets are a means of generating new income streams and attracting business partners. The course entails the evaluation of an organisation’s internal and external IP situation and formulation of IP commercialisation plans. Students will also learn how organisations can decide how best to execute their IP strategies to turn intellectual assets into value-creating innovations.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Objectives of IP Exploitation
  • Assessing Organisation’s IP Portfolio
  • Evaluation of Organisation’s Internal and External IP Situation
  • IP Commercialisation Plans
  • Types of IP Exploitation Strategies (1)
  • Types of IP Exploitation Strategies (2)
  • Components of IP Commercialisation Plans
  • Management of IP Commercialisation Plans
  • Legal Issues
  • Communication to Stakeholders
  • KPIs for IP Commercialisation Plans
  • Critical Success Factors

Learning Outcome

  • Apply components of IP commercialisation plans
  • Analyse legal issues to consider when formulating IP commercialisation plans
  • Analyse critical success factors of commercialisation plans
  • Evaluate types of IP exploitation strategies
  • Evaluate key performance indicators of commercialisation plans
  • Evaluate the internal and external IP situation to identify key opportunities and risks
  • Formulate IP commercialisation plans to support IP exploitation strategies
  • Organise and manage implementation of IP commercialisation plans
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