Alumni Continuing Education Plus (ACE+) Scheme

Alumni Continuing Education Plus (ACE+) Scheme

Free modular courses for eligible Singapore University of Social Sciences graduates under the ace plus logo.pngScheme


Note: Alumni Continuing Education Plus (ACE+) Scheme will cease by end December 2023 and all unclaimed courses will be forfeited and no appeals will be allowed.

Eligible Singapore University of Social Sciences graduates can enjoy two (2) free modular courses (up to 10 Credit Units) at the University taken within two years after graduation. This scheme encourages our new graduates to continue on the learning path they have taken, in a mode that they are familiar with. The terms of the scheme are as follows:


1. Who is eligible and what is the eligibility period?

i) All graduates who completed their undergraduate degree programmes from the July 2014 semester to July 2021 semester. 

ii) All graduates who completed their graduate degree programmes (i.e. Graduate Diploma, Master and PhD) from the July 2019 semester to the July 2021 semester. 

E.g. If you completed your final modules in the July 2018 semester, the following four consecutive semesters will count as eligibility periods:

  • January Semester, 2019
  • July Semester, 2019
  • January Semester, 2020
  • July Semester, 2020

Please note the computation of eligibility is based on semester (January and July respectively) and not the convocation date.


Graduates from the January 2022 semester onwards will be eligible under a new Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) Scheme. Please click here for more information on the new ACE scheme.


2. How many free modular courses may each eligible graduate apply for?

The scheme will apply to a maximum of two courses (up to 10 Credit Units) per graduate once in their lifetime.

A graduate (the learner) must take the courses within four consecutive semesters following the semester of graduation.

3. What other cost is involved?

Eligible applicants will need to pay a non-refundable *application fee at the prevailing rate of $60.00 before GST
(*Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to adjust the application fee without prior notice)

4. What courses qualify as eligible courses?

Click here to view the list of courses eligible under ACE+ Scheme.

This course listing is for information and does not constitute a contract. SUSS reserves the right to change, amend, supplement or cancel courses or change the schedule of courses. SUSS further reserves the right to change the curriculum, requirements and policies for a course without notice. This course listing should not be read as a guarantee of the courses set out herein.

5. How many seats are available for each course under this scheme?

A limited number of seats will be made available for each course in a semester. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

6. What will be awarded on successful completion of a course?

Upon the successful completion of the course, a course certificate will be issued together with the relevant credit units for that course. Credit units may be used to gain credit recognition for a full undergraduate or graduate degree programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences. (Terms and Conditions apply)

When a course is completed without fulfilling the assessment requirements, a certificate of participation will be issued.

7. If an alumnus takes more than 2 courses, what course fees will apply?

Beyond the 2 free courses, full course fees will apply. Alumni concession is applicable.

8. What are the conditions for taking the courses?

The learner must be enrolled as a credit student.

Learners who have previously received government funding for a course are not eligible for further funding for the same course.

Government funding including SSG funding will be claimed under ACE+ scheme except exempted fews.

Learners will adhere to the rules and regulations of study at the University. Pertinent information about the learner will be used by Singapore University of Social Sciences to claim any available funding.

Learners are required to achieve at least 75% attendance and pass any prescribed examinations/assessments; or submit any course/project work (if any) under the course requirements.

Learners are required to complete all surveys and feedback related to the course.

9. How do applicants apply for the eligible courses?

Applicants can click here to register and apply for the courses online.

Applicants are required to tick against the "Taken at SUSS" status box under Highest Education Details and key in "Claim for ACE+ Scheme" under "Sponsorship" Column during registration.

NOTE: For this period, with the counter closure, as well as adhering to social distancing, we will require students to make a declaration that documents submitted are true and certified copy, and SUSS has the right to validate them. Failing the validation, or misrepresenting submitted documents may subject to cancellation of registration, withdrawal of courses, and/or even expulsion from course.

Please submit the following documents during online e-application:

  • Coloured NRIC (front and back)
  • 1 recent colour passport-sized photograph


Course Application Periods

January Semester: 1 October to 15 November
July Semester: 1 May to 15 June

ACE+ scheme applicants are not required to submit their educational qualifications (specified in the auto-generated acknowledgement reply).


Write to for more information.

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