STEP Sociovation Forum 2020 - *Rescheduled


Fully funded by Temasek Foundation, our upcoming STEP Sociovation Forum 2020 will once again bring together young leaders from the region, this time with a focus on environment advocacy via visual storytelling. 

Young environmentalists often feel powerless at the extent of the damage to their natural environment. How may they document the narratives of affected communities? And how may they advance their environmental causes? 

The recent surge of viral social media content is testament to the immense power of visual storytelling. Short social documentaries have the potential to seed change by seeding new narratives, encouraging new behaviours, and encouraging new conversations for social change. 

The complexities of today’s climate and sustainability challenges demand that we learn how to leverage one another’s strengths, working together in collaboration. This programme will take 70 young leaders from Asia through the process of research and story-scouting, narrative crafting, visual literacy and the technical aspects of basic filmmaking. You will walk away empowered to tell compelling stories that matter. 

Target Participants

Students who are passionate about environmental sustainability, and are committed to social change and impact. Interest and passion for honing your skills in visual storytelling is ideal. Regional applicants (ASEAN & Greater China Region) must be from public universities, while Singaporean applicants may be current students / recent graduates from pre-University public institutions (e.g. Junior Colleges and Polytechnics).

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