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Administrative Offices and Departments

Administrative Offices support the University's mission by providing comprehensive services to the University's stakeholders and to the wider community.

Campus IT Services Division (CITS) was set up in January 2008 with an initial objective of providing in-house application development services and maintaining Singapore University of Social Sciences​' growing IT infrastructure. The Division has revamped the student records system to meet the current demand of managing student life cycle from admission through to alumni. As e-learning becomes more pervasive in today's education environment, CITS is constantly on the lookout for relevant emerging technologies that can be used to enhance the learning experience of the students. In addition, the management of the laboratories comes under the purview of CITS as well.

The Division manages the Application Development Department which supports overall IT applications needed by the University, including the maintenance of the current systems, the new software application implementations and system upgrades. It also oversees the IT Operation Department which supports the University's infrastructure, including network connectivity, internet access, servers and applications availability.

Advancement Office

The Advancement Office engages and inspires the community, and secures philanthropic resources to achieve the university's goal of nurturing socially-minded students to make a difference to the community.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Business Intelligence & Analytics Department promotes a culture of data-driven and evidence-based decision-making and planning in SUSS by spearheading its digital warehousing, institutional research, reporting and analytics efforts.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Department leads the university's strategic brand, communications and marketing strategies including media relations, crisis communications, corporate social responsibilities, and internal communications.

External Relations

The Office of External Relations develops, coordinates and facilitates strategic partnerships in Singapore and beyond on behalf of SUSS.

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department spearheads Human Resource Management and Development initiatives and processes in alignment with SUSS' goals.

Infrastructure Office

The Infrastructure Office manages SUSS's infrastructural requirements and developments, while ensuring efficacies in its on-going operational management and support services for its campus facilities and occupants.

Finance & Business Partnership

The Finance & Business Partnership Department supports the development of SUSS' corporate plan and oversees resource planning and budget allocation, including formulating, reviewing and analysing the University's budgets and fee policies.

Organisation Excellence

The Organisation Excellence Unit has the mandate to foster a quality culture in SUSS that seeks to continually improve the University's provision of academic and administrative services. For this purpose, the unit operates a system of quality reviews for the schools and departments.

The Office of Academic Services provides academic-related services to the faculty, associates and students in the areas of student records, curriculum administration, course materials management, assignment and examinations, class scheduling, and appointment of associate faculty. The Office oversees the functions of the Associates Administration department, Curriculum Administration department, Examination Administration department, Logistics and Scheduling department, and Student Records department.

Associates Administration Department

The Associates Administration department manages the contract issuance of all associates' appointments, works with the Schools on the recruitment and appointment of associates and ensuring that payments are made to these associates upon completion of services.

Curriculum Administration Department

The Curriculum Administration department administers the setting up of course fees in the Student Information Management System and course registration exercises for students. It also manages the procurement and distribution of course materials to faculty, associates and students.

Examination Administration Department

The Examination Administration department is the custodian of examination results at SUSS and is responsible for the administration of the examination processes at SUSS. In addition, it is responsible for the award of honours classification and commencement awards.

Resources and Scheduling Department

The Resources and Scheduling department schedules course timetables, classroom resources and provides day-to-day logistical support to the operations and delivery of class sessions.

Student Records Department

The Student Records department manages the study life-cycle of students enrolled in the University. It is the custodian of students' records and maintains the personal files (P-files) of all students at SUSS. It administers and keeps records of students' academic progression including course offer, deferment, course withdrawal and programme withdrawal. It confirms graduation records for the issuance of transcripts and certificates. The department is also responsible for providing quarterly management reports and statistics as well as supports the statistical requests from Ministry of Education and other agencies, both internal and external.

The Office of Admissions administers matters pertaining to the promotion of the university's graduate and undergraduate programmes, student recruitment activities, admission of new students, management of scholarships and sponsorships, and financial aid. The Office oversees the functions of the Student Recruitment and Student Admissions departments.

Student Recruitment Department

The Student Recruitment department manages programme enquiries and provides advice to prospective students and applicants. It also manages the promotion of graduate and undergraduate programmes and student recruitment activities.

Student Admissions Department

The Student Admissions department administers matters pertaining to the admissions of students to graduate and undergraduate programmes.

Financial Aid Department

The Financial Aid department administers matters pertaining to the application of scholarships, sponsorships and financial aid.  In addition, the department provides advisory to prospective and existing students who are applying for scholarships, sponsorships and financial aid.

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The Office of Student and Alumni Relations acts as a bridge between Singapore University of Social Sciences​ (SUSS) students, alumni and schools/administrative departments; by serving as the first point of contact for students and alumni, enhancing the overall student support and services, and relationship-building with its alumni. The Office oversees the functions of the Student Support and Alumni Relations departments.

Alumni Relations Department​

The Alumni Relations department acts as a link between our alumni and the University; cultivates and promotes relations with SUSS​ and OUUK alumni through organising alumni events and activities as well as facilitating networking opportunities among alumni, students and the University.

Student Services Department

The Student Services department acts as a first point of contact for SUSS students; manages the University's Student Services Hotline, fosters bonding and relations with students through events such as convocation/graduation ceremonies and other student-related activities.

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