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The SUSS Mace




The mace represents the institutional authority of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). It is carried at the front of academic processions and before the Chancellor to symbolise the authority he/she holds as the head of the University.

The design of the SUSS mace is anchored in the classical modernist art movement that was founded in the late 19th and early 20th century. This design movement is defined by its attention to classical traditional forms that focus on elegance, strength and symmetry. The elegant balance, strong construction and dynamic symmetry reflect SUSS's growth and progression in delivering innovative, flexible and applied tertiary education to serve society in the ever-changing, demanding and competitive environment.

The SUSS acronym, which forms part of the University logo, is positioned within the circular globe-like profile of the silver-chromed mace head and dark blue glass, representing the University's aspiration for relevance, standing and prestige in academia in local and international community settings. The dark blue of the glass and the splash of red on the body reflect the corporate colours of the University. The head is augmented by three gold rings, which signify the three philosophical tenets of the well-rounded education that SUSS aims to deliver – one that is grounded in the Three H's of Head (professionally competent and job-ready, with applied skills), Heart (socially conscious with a desire to make positive changes in society) and Habit (self-directed and lifelong learner with strong ethics and values), aligned with the University's three key thrusts in the areas of applied learning, social sciences and lifelong learning.




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