Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy

Developing leaders who care 

Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy


"Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet




LEAD Academy (low-res)

The Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Affective Development) Academy is established to develop leadership capacity within the SUSS student community by nurturing students through close mentorship and instilling a sense of compassion, in order to enable them to make positive contributions towards others.
Through the LEAD Academy's initiatives, students can look forward to:

  • Engaging in experiential leadership training and programmes
  • Growing in their leadership journeys as they interact with and contribute to the community
  • Realising their personal growth through positive impact to other

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SUSStainability Leadership Framework

Aligned with SUSS being a University for social good, LEAD Academy aims to nurture students to be SUSStainable leader - one who cares,  supports action, and inspires towards a better world through taking action in areas of:

  • Stewardship (Custodian for individual, community, and environment in sustainability practices)
  • Advocacy (Champion and influence for social and environmental sustainability) 
  • Inclusivity (Providing equal access to opportunities and resources)

SUSStainability Leadership Framework

At the beginning of their SUSS journey, students will acquire leadership skills through their studies - in their core and major-related subjects. Through LEAD Academy, more targeted leadership training and opportunities will be extended to the students. Upon and after graduation from SUSS, interested Alumni can continue to contribute by becoming a mentor.

The LEAD Academy adopts a 6C framework in the design and delivery of its leadership programmes:

  • Coaching: Close mentorship and partnership between mentors and students
  • Content & Competency: Acquisition of leadership knowledge and skills
  • Context: Creation of positive impact via leadership platforms and programmes
  • Connectivity: Network with mentors, peers, alumni, and partners to explore collaborations
  • Contemplation: Reflection on leadership experiences for growth
  • Celebration: Celebration and acknowledgement of personal and team success stories

Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan

The Academy's patron, Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan, also affectionately known as Mama Wong to beneficiaries and friends, is an active philanthropist. She has contributed to many charitable projects both locally and around Asia, in areas ranging from religion, community and culture to medicine, music, sports and education.

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