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Our Milestones


SUSS was inaugurated as an official autonomous university in Singapore in 2017 with our history dating back to 2005 as the first private local university for adult learners, with our focus on two key pillars:

Social Sciences

SUSS will provide an applied education that targets both fresh school leavers and adult learners, in the domain of the social sciences, as well as in disciplines that have a strong impact on human and community development.

Lifelong Learning

SUSS will also focus on lifelong and continuing learning. The University will strengthen its provision of inclusive educational opportunities to many more students and adult learners, and participate strongly in SkillsFuture – Singapore's national movement for fostering continuing education and skills development.

Building from strength to strength, SUSS has accomplished numerous significant milestones, as we continue our journey to be the leading university for social good.


  • Launch of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), as part of its re-structuring to be Singapore's sixth autonomous university under the ambit of MOE.
  • Debut of SUSS logo to reinforce its commitment to be a university that strives to better society, industry and individual. Anchored on the education philosophy of ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Habit’, the colours on SUSS’ logo represent confidence, strength and determination.
  • Admitted its first intake of 60 Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor students.
  • Renamed School of Human Development and Social Services to the S R Nathan School of Human Development to pay tribute to former Singapore president, the late Mr S R Nathan, who was a patron of SUSS and a strong advocate of lifelong learning.
  • Renamed School of Arts and Social Sciences to the School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences to renew SUSS’ focus on human experiences and behaviour.
  • Mr Stephen Lee took over Dr Aline Wong as SUSS Chancellor.
  • Launched the new College of Lifelong and Experiential Learning to synergise lifelong learning and experiential activities amongst learners.
  • Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) joined SUSS as an autonomous institution to champion lifelong learning and Singapore’s adult learning landscape.
  • Hosted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at its first Ministerial Forum, where 500 students listened to the Prime Minister share about the role of education in Singapore.
  • Launched the full-time Bachelor of Public Safety and Security (Honours) programme.
  • Launched two new multi-disciplinary graduate programmes - the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Social Science to address contemporary issues of today.
  • Extended two flagship programmes, the Master of IP and Innovation and Master of Finance to international students to enrich learning beyond Singapore.
  • Set up the Centre of Excellence for Social Good with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s Singapore Cares Office to bring together non-profit, public and private sectors in the collaboration and advancement of social good.
  • Mrs Mildred Tan succeeded Mr Richard Eu as Chairman of SUSS' Board of Trustees (BoT).
  • Professor Robbie Goh succeeded Professor Tsui Kai Chong as Provost of SUSS.
  • Joined NUS, NTU, SMU and SUTD under the Singapore Universities Student Exchange Agreement to allow students to take courses from autonomous universities to complement their degree programmes.
  • Received the People's Association Community Spirit Award (Merit) for our contribution to the community.
  • Launched the inaugural Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium (SoTL) with guest of honour Minister Chan Chun Sing. Attended by over 250 industry partners and guests, the three-day event shared innovative ways to teach diverse learners and unveiled a new curriculum to enhance students’ employability and graduate value.
  • Professor Tan Tai Yong succeeded Professor Cheong Hee Kiat as President of SUSS.
  • Organised the inaugural Gerontology Innovation Festival to boost healthy and successful ageing, and harness the longevity market, as Singapore is set to turn ‘super-aged’ in 2026.
  • Unveiled the Digital Andragogy Blueprint at the Skills Future Festival. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the blueprint equips educators with the strategies and digital tools to enhance adult instruction and learning. The blueprint is available globally on Microsoft Learn.
  • Launched our next brand chapter that is guided by our enhanced vision, mission and values, to gear towards our strategic growth to further connect with and impact our learners, industry and society. The brand refresh is driven by the campaign ‘Dream, Dare, Do’, which embodies the spirit of SUSS and its unwavering resolve to empower its students, staff, faculty and partners to chase their dreams and conquer challenges.


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