Four-Year Journey with SUSS

Our unique educational philosophy drives the selection of our programme components, which in turn provides you with the essential qualities of "Head, Heart and Habit". These signature programmes aim to provide you with a holistic and interdisciplinary learning experience.

Four-Year Journey with SUSS

As a comprehensive package of foundation courses in the humanities and social sciences, the common curriculum enables you to view problems and issues from different perspectives, developing your core competencies of thinking, reading, and writing by exposing you to diverse methods of enquiry. The SUSS Core is part of SUSS's signature programmes, to give you a holistic and interdisciplinary learning experience.

The curriculum opens up space for free electives so that students can choose to take a second major or additional minors. The second major broadens or complements the knowledge and training attained in the first major and is an option applicable for selected full-time undergraduate programmes.

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Longer than a typical student internship and with more clearly-defined learning outcomes, our work attachments allow you to apply your knowledge while gaining vital workplace experience. This not only enhances job-readiness but also increases your chances of finding employment after graduation. Work Attachment is part of SUSS's signature programmes, to give you a holistic and interdisciplinary learning experience.

As a SUSS student, you may choose to fulfil your Overseas Experience through a variety of ways such an Overseas Experiential Learning course, Global Service-Learning project, Overseas Work Attachment or a Industry-based Study Programme. These are a few ways to gain valuable global knowledge and enhanced cultural understanding.

As a SUSS student, we know you are here for the greater good. You may choose to fulfil your Community Engagement through a variety of pathways such as Community Engaged Work, Social Entrepreneurship, Community Service-Learning or Global Service-Learning. Through identifying community assets, working in partnership with the community and putting in place sustainable solutions, you have the opportunity to become a part of lasting change.

As part of your work attachment, you are strongly encouraged to identify a work-related problem, then formulate and execute an applied research project to propose possible solutions. This further enhances your professional competence and job-readiness. Alternatively, proposals for applied projects can come from other sources such as Service-Learning/Community Engagement initiatives projects, courses that you have taken or special interests that you or the faculty may have. All applied projects, however, should be in your field of study and approved by your School.

Towards the end of your studies, you complete an integrative course that draws upon all the courses you have completed. This helps to consolidate and integrate the specialist knowledge you have gained during your time at SUSS.

The SUSS Student Teambuilding Programme provides you and your peers a common experience to develop cohesion and cultivate a common SUSS identity. You will also have the opportunity to acquire soft skills such as self-awareness, team effectiveness, and community-mindedness, which are crucial for your success in both your studies and career.

You will also be trained in professional etiquette, résumé writing and interview skills, preparing you for entry into the job market and boosting your career prospects.

As a dynamic résumé, the e-Portfolio showcases your achievements, documents your reflections and monitors your personal growth. It also serves as a developmental tool for self-actualisation and lifelong learning.

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Four-Year Journey with SUSS

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