Admission Requirements

Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and International Students with the following education backgrounds:

GCE A Levels

  • At least 3 passes in H2 content subjects, and
  • passes in General Paper and Project Work, and
  • a pass in a H1 contrasting subject

Local Polytechnic Diploma

  • A diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic or Temasek Polytechnic

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

  • A diploma from an IB School

NUS High School Diploma

  • A diploma from NUS High School

Other Qualifications

  • If you have an equivalent of the above-mentioned qualifications, SAT^ or ACT# (with writing test) is required.

^ For SAT, we require a minimum score of 1900 (before May 2016) or 1260 (From May 2016)

# For ACT, we require a total score of 28 and a Writing Score of 24 (before Sept 2016) or 8 (From Sept 2016)

 GCE O Level English

  • If you have done GCE O Level English, a minimum grade of C6 is required.


You need to meet the following mother tongue (MTL) requirement:

GCE A Levels / NUS High School DiplomaInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
  • minimum of D7 for the higher MTL paper taken at the 'O' Level examination
  • minimum of 'S' grade for the H1 MTL paper or General Studies in Chinese
  • minimum of 'S' grade for the H2 paper taken at the 'A' Level examination
  • pass in the MTL 'B' Syllabus paper at the 'A' Level examination
  • pass in SL/HL MTL A or B paper at IBDP Examination


If you have been exempted from MTL, the MOE-approved subject-in-lieu will be considered as your MTL subject.

For those who are exempted from MTL requirement, please submit your MTL exemption letter issued by MOE to the Full-time Admissions office no later than 30 June in the year of admission.

Applicants who have not satisfied the requirements above may be admitted on a provisional basis and will be required to attain the MTL requisite within the period of their University study before being permitted to graduate from the University.

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Ranking of Course Choices

Applicants may select up to four choices of their preferred programmes during application. The four choices are ranked from first to last choice, and applicants are shortlisted and invited for interviews based on their choices. If you do not meet the shortlisting criteria for the first programme choice, you will be considered for your second choice, and so on.

In addition, applicants who have interest in the Early Childhood Education and/or Social Work programmes should note the following:

  • For Early Childhood Education and Social Work programmes – besides meeting the course requirements, applicants are required to rank these programmes within the first and second choice to be considered for shortlisting for interview.

Male Applicants

Male applicants who have yet to enlist or are currently enlisted in the National Service may have their places reserved for up to two years, if they are successful in their application.

How to Apply to SUSS

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