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Student Success Centre


The Student SUcceSS Centre is committed to empower students in developing personal and professional potential to achieve success in life. The centre designs, curates and offers programmes, opportunities, mentorship and support in Career Development, Entrepreneurship and Student Life for all SUSS students to complement their academic learning and journey to achieve success. 

A successful SUSS student is one who embodies the following attributes grounded in the SUSS values of respect, adaptability, integrity, service and empathy (RAISE).

Success roadmap

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Professional and Personal Development

Career Development

Career Development (CD)

Empowering Students for Professional Readiness
  • Career Mentoring
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Work-Study, Work Attachment & Internships Opportunities
  • Industry Engagement & Networking

Entrepreneurship (EN)

Developing Entrepreneurs in the Service of Society
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Experiencing Entrepreneurship
  • Incubation & Development
  • Regional Engagement & Immersion
Student Life

Student Life (STL)

Creating an enabling culture to maximise personal potential
  • Student Care & Peer Support
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Life Skills Training & Practice
  • Campus Safety

Our Courses


The SSC Learning Framework articulates the understanding of Personal and Professional Success. It consolidates and frames the various programmes and courses offered by the offices in the centre namely, Career Development, Entrepreneurship and Student Life into a comprehensive experiential curriculum.

The outcomes of developing Personal and Professional success is in tandem with the desire to implement a future-fit curriculum to ready our students for the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world and to meet the desired outcomes of the Student SUcceSS Centre.

The framework translates into a learning prospectus that provides students with the information and access to information on our programmes that would allow students to personalise their learning journey by selecting and undertaking the programmes best suited for their profile and experience.


Learning Prospectus Framework

The Student Success Centre (SSC) offers a comprehensive suite of programmes for our students and alumni to complement the academic learning journey in SUSS to support students towards achieving Personal and Professional Success. The programmes endeavour to facilitate the unleashing of students’ potential to advocate for their own wellbeing as well as others while doing social good to benefit the community and the environment transform and at the same time transform mindsets for students to be future ready and nurture the passion for lifelong learning. For full-time undergraduate students, completion of selected programmes is part of fulfilment of graduation requirements under Student Teambuilding and Work Attachment.

Aside from the Learning Prospectus, SSC designs and delivers platforms and programmes that allow students to cultivate social responsibility and global competencies, and provide the opportunities to engage in lifelong learning. Our centre also works across different schools and centres to facilitate our students in developing the SUCCESS attributes holistically.

Language for Work Series

Our Language for Work courses are designed to support the development of language  and communication skills for the  ASEAN, China, and India regions. 

These courses provide students with the necessary language skills and cultural knowledge to live and work in the respective countries. The course offers comprehensive training in conversational skills, grammar and vocabulary, with an additional focus on language used in work settings, customs and acceptable etiquette in social interactions.

These courses are part of the courses under Minor Electives for Minor in Introduction to ASEAN China and India.

For more information on the Language for Work courses, please contact

The Language for Work series are: 

Course Code and TitlePre-requisite
OGP181 Chinese Language for Work 1Have not taken the same language at secondary school level and/or above.
OGP281 Chinese Language for Work 2Students to take placement Chinese Test to indicate suitability to take the course at level 2 or has taken OGP181.
OGP381 Chinese Language for Work 3Students to take placement Chinese Test to indicate suitability to take the course at level 3 or has taken OGP281.
OGP182 Indonesian Language for Work 1Nil
OGP183 Vietnamese Language for Work 1Nil
OGP184 Thai Language for Work 1Nil
MLL181 Malay Language for Work 1Students are required to pass Beginner class.
MLL281 Malay Language for Work 2Students to take placement Malay Test to indicate suitability to take the course or attend the Beginners.
MLL381 Malay Language for Work 3Students to take placement Malay Test to indicate suitability to take the course or attend the Beginners.



Placement Test

Applications Open-
Applications Close-
Next Available IntakeJuly 2024 & January 25

Written Test (-)

Oral Test (-)




Student Success Centre

If you have prior background in Chinese or Malay (at least a Pass at O Levels), take the respective placement test to determine the level of Chinese or Malay that is suitable for your level of language competency.

Do note that the placement test taken this semester will determine which course level you're suitable for in the following semester.
Sessions1 Oral assessment session
ModeThe oral session is conducted online, using Canvas Zoom for synchronous learning.
Passing Requirement

To receive a Certificate of Completion, you need to:


Complete all course requirements.

  • Pass the Written Assignment
  • Pass the Oral Assessment.


For more information on the Placement Test, please contact

Success Academy

SUSS aims to enhance collaboration and partnership between organizations and institutions in both countries, serving as a nexus for our industry and education partners to come together. This collaboration facilitates co-designing, co-developing, and co-delivering programs, as well as collaborating on projects and research with SUSS.



Success Stories

Explore success stories of SUSS students: in the media, campus highlights, and student spotlight!


Meet the Team

The SSC Office oversees and stand behind three vital sub-entities of the Centre – Career Development (CD), Entrepreneurship (EN), and Student Life (STL).

Get in Touch

For more information about the programmes and opportunities for collaboration under the Student SUcceSS Centre, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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