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The Student SUcceSS Centre is committed to empower students in developing personal and professional potential to achieve success in life.

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A SUcceSSful Student

A successful SUSS student is one who embodies the following attributes grounded in the SUSS values of SPIRIT:

SUcceSSful Student

SUcceSS Learning Prospectus

The Student Success Centre (SSC) offers a comprehensive suite of programmes for our students and alumni to complement the academic learning journey in SUSS to support students towards achieving Personal and Professional Success. The programmes endeavour to facilitate the unleashing of students’ potential to advocate for their own wellbeing as well as others while doing social good to benefit the community and the environment transform and at the same time transform mindsets for students to be future ready and nurture the passion for lifelong learning. For full-time undergraduate students, completion of selected programmes is part of fulfilment of graduation requirements under Student Teambuilding and Work Attachment.

SSC Learning Framework

Do look out for the new and enhanced Student Success Centre programme offers here, coming your way in April 2023.

Celebrating Your SUcceSS

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SSC Administrative Office

The SSC administrative office oversees and supports the three offices within the Centre - Career Development Office, Office of Entrepreneurship, and Office of Student Life.

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office aims to develop students' attributes, skills and knowledge to create, build and advance their career through having a critical mind, be ethical and a responsible self.

Office of Entrepreneurship

The Office of Entrepreneurship aims to develop entrepreneurs in the service of society by giving every student a chance to embark on an entrepreneurial journey by providing high quality tools to increase their chances for success.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life aims to empower students to achieve personal success through strengthening their well-being, and providing opportunities to discover and develop their unique potential towards contribution to the University and the wider community.

Country Managers

Our Country Managers are involved in the development and implementation of the university's regional programmes through programme administration support, partnership development liaison and wellbeing support for students undergoing programmes in the respective host countries.





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