Support for Students with Special Needs

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Support for Students with Special Needs

We are committed to providing the best assistance to all our students in their learning journey with us. Below are highlights of some of the facilities and services provided for students with special needs.



The campus is equipped to facilitate access by students with disabilities. Some of the features include:

  • Handicap ramp for access into the building
  • Handicap ramp from the bus stop to the building
  • Handicap toilets on every floor
  • Handicap parking lots in the car parks
  • Space in lecture theatres reserved for wheelchair-bound students 
  • Braille numbers and characters on lift buttons on campus
  • Lift service at overhead bridge



Academic Assistance

Faculty and support staff work in tandem to coordinate and provide the necessary assistance to students with special needs.  

  • Lecturers are given broad guidelines on how best to assist this group of students, so as to help them in their learning journey, including involving them in class participation and discussing with them on appropriate strategies on the management of their studies.
  • Where possible, a volunteer buddy (usually a classmate) is assigned to assist the student with special needs.
  • To aid students with hearing impairment, where available, text transcripts of video/audio clips will be accessible to these students. 


Examination Arrangements

Special arrangements are made to assist students with special needs taking their examination.

  • Examination question papers with a bigger font and paper size (A3 size) are provided for visually impaired students (e.g. partial visual impairment).
  • Printed copies of the examination announcements/instructions will be provided for those with hearing impairment.
  • For students who have mobility difficulties, arrangements are made for them to take their examination at a separate venue or a more accessible area within the examination venue. 
  • Students with medical conditions would be granted extra writing time during the examination, based on supporting documents provided.
  • Students with writing difficulties could also be allowed to use a laptop for their examination, based on supporting documents provided.



  • Special spaces are made available for graduands and guests in wheelchairs during the convocation.
  • Staff on duty are assigned to assist graduands on wheelchairs to receive their certificates from the Presiding Officer, on stage.


Contact Us

Students with special needs can contact the Student Support Office for further information or suggestions on the necessary assistance.

Contact Person: Ms Suzainah Ali - Senior Executive, Student Support

Telephone : +65 6248 9118 or +65 6248 9111

Email: c3V6YWluYWhhQHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn or c3R1ZGVudHNAc3Vzcy5lZHUuc2c=


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