Experiential Learning


Many of the wicked problems in society today require interconnected and interdependent perspectives and collective collaboration. We enable students to thrive in a VUCA world by equipping them with interdisciplinary & experiential learning tools and processes, enabling students to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines to address complex issues. Above all, we deepen student' socio-cultural competence and social responsibility to the local and global community through sustainable, reciprocal engagement with partners on real-world issues.

Experiential Learning is committed to:

  • Supporting all SUSS students to master interdisciplinary and experiential learning tools & processes to address complex multi-faceted issues in the real world
  • Institutional global learning and service-learning pedagogies to deepen global citizenship and social responsiblity in students
  • Growing an enabling ecosystem for students, faculty and partners to collaborate with real-world impact for social good

Experiential Learning oversees the following in the College of interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning (CIEL):

  • SUSS Core courses coded "NIE"
  • ePortfolio
  • Credit recognised Overseas Courses (Overseas Summer/ Winter Programmes & Semester Exchange Programme)
  • Non-credit bearing Service-Learning and Global Learning Programmes

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For more information about the courses or programmes offered under Experiential Learning, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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