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Experiential Learning (EL)

Developing professional competency, social responsibility and self-directed life-long learning habits through experiential learning.

Experiential Learning (EL) designs and conducts comprehensive programmes and courses that employ experiential platforms informed by design thinking that help students acquire professional competency, develop social responsibility, and cultivate self-directed lifelong learning habits. These three essential attributes of locally-grounded yet globally-adroit learners of tomorrow are encapsulated by SUSS's educational philosophy of Head, Heart, and Habit.

EL programmes and courses embody the four characteristics of scientific, applied, impactful and experiential in various degrees and permutations.

Scientific programmes are empirical and holistic in nature. Students are taught how to employ observable facts to inform their decisions, and to always analyse a phenomenon in relation to the contexts in which it occurs. Programmes like Overseas Experiential Learning guide students in research and in applying the "hermeneutic circle" in the interpretation of their findings.

Applied programmes prepare students to be job-ready and job-creative. Besides acquiring professional competencies that make them highly employable, students also develop entrepreneurial aptitudes that help them create new careers for themselves and others. Programmes like Impact Startup Challenge cultivate students’ ability to pitch their ideas to investors and to manage the challenges faced in establishing their own businesses.

Impactful programmes empower students to develop and act on their sense of social responsibility, grounded in real-world ideas and practices to contribute meaningfully to society. Programmes like Community Engagement and Sociovation Forum enable students to implement ideas that meet real community needs to enhance society's well-being.

Experiential programmes employ elements of design thinking to ensure students practise empathetic understanding and metacognition, while ground-testing their hypotheses to deal with complex "wicked problems". Programmes like Experiential Teambuilding immerse students in a foreign city, getting them to reflect on their values and verify their understanding of the community's assets with locals.

Here are the credit-bearing courses offered by EL:

EL also oversees five signature programmes that are experiential graduation requirements for full-time SUSS students.

The SUSS LifE Academy, managed by EL, offers courses that support learners' personal and professional development needs. Browse courses ranging from leadership development, professional growth and community engagement to entrepreneurship, and self-development and wellness, here.

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