Online Learning

Experience Online University Courses from SUSS

An interactive and flexible learning environment for students to pursue their studies at SUSS.

As a university that promotes lifelong learning, we are committed to finding new and flexible pathways for our students to learn. SUSS Online spearheads one such pathway, by providing a supportive and flexible learning environment online.

Students have the opportunity to choose a number of fully online courses every semester as part of their curriculum.

These online courses feature an assortment of virtual learning tools, interactive activities and other resources that are designed to keep students fully engaged in an exclusively online learning environment. Guidance and support are provided by experienced online instructors via weekly or fortnightly online seminars, discussion boards, social messaging platform, emails and live chat.

Benefits of taking an SUSS Online course

  • Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of managing your studies, as you can complete course activities at your own pace and time within the course stipulated deadlines.
  • Enjoy better work-life-study balance with the time saved from not having to travel to campus for classes.
  • Gain valuable skill sets that are essential in the digital economy, such as virtual networking and collaboration skills, through synchronous webinar sessions, online peer group interactions, and graded discussions.
  • Have peace-of-mind that all online courses are of the same academic standards and quality as our on-campus education

A selection of full-online courses is available to students every semester. Please refer to your course curriculum for more details.



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