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23 Jun - 22 Aug 2020

SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops cum Blockchain Challenge 2020

Stride into the era of decentralised networks. Design a blockchain app to solve a community problem. Be a force for inclusive societies.

15 Aug 2020

Beyond Playing with Balls and Magnets: Understanding and Extending the Physics for Young Children

This workshop allows teacher to acquire knowledge and skills to introduce scientific concepts through children’s exploration and play, using science content and processes to promote science discovery.
Online event (Zoom)

22 Aug - 29 Aug 2020

SUSS e-Open House

Discover the possibilities, fulfil your aspirations! Watch our programme briefing videos at your own time, and register for live dialogue sessions with our faculty to have your queries answered!

22 Aug 2020

The "Shaolin Temple" Phenomenon 《少林寺》现象:从功夫电影的成功到中华文化的传播

This talk will analyse the "Shaolin Temple Phenomenon" and explore the significance and importance of Kungfu movies in the globalisation of Chinese culture.

29 Aug 2020

Style Yourself Confidently with Love, Bonito

Specially for the working ladies of SUSS! Whether you're a fan of Love, Bonito, or simply curious about how to dress according to your body type, do join us for this virtual session!
Online event (Zoom)

04 Sep 2020

The 2020 Symposium on Well-Being: Society and Well-Being in the Age of Disruption

The symposium focuses on the theme of technology use, social media, and well-being.
Zoom Webcast

09 Sep 2020

Hitting the Wall? Charting New Frontiers in Experiential Learning

A virtual panel discussion on experiential learning designed for practitioners and students.
Zoom webinar

12 Sep 2020

Early Childhood Care and Education Pedagogies for 'Education for Sustainable Development'

This session provides knowledge, skills and strategies for preschool educators to promote sustainable development through early childhood education.
Online event (Zoom)

15 Sep - 21 Sep 2020

STEP Sociovation Forum 2020 - *Rescheduled

The STEP Sociovation Forum 2020 will once again bring together young leaders from the region, this time with a focus on environment advocacy via visual storytelling.

15 Sep 2020

SUSS Analytics and Visualisation Challenge 2020

A platform for Junior College and Polytechnic students to showcase their work in data analytics and visualisations.
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