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A university education can no longer function only as a programme that prepares individuals for a single career. It is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey of continual learning and reinvention, and adaptation and recalibration on the personal and professional fronts. As such, in addition to the necessary acquisition of disciplinary expertise, students will also require essential values, skills and knowledge through the SUSS Core to successfully negotiate different scenarios and contexts in SUSS and beyond. It is vital that we provide a strong foundation to allow students to develop the disposition and tools for lifelong learning and re-learning.

The team at Core Learning is committed to:

  • Providing all SUSS students a common educational experience that bears the hallmark of SUSS's educational philosophies and system
  • Equipping all SUSS students with essential values, skills and knowledge to help them navigate the challenges of the future economy through a carefully curated set of SUSS Core courses
  • Promoting the University's focus on applied social sciences by ensuring that core courses help our students apply what they have learnt for the betterment of the world we live in

Core Learning oversees the following courses and programmes in CIEL:

  • SUSS Core courses coded "NCO"
  • English Language Support Programmes

SUSS Core Courses

Core Learning develops, manages and teaches SUSS core courses coded "NCO". For the list of core courses offered by Core Learning, please refer to the link below. 


SUSS Core (NCO) Courses

English Language Support Programmes

Core Learning offers various programmes to enhance our students’ English language skills. These include the English Proficiency Programme, Writing Coaches and Writing Workshops.

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    English Proficiency Programme


    Writing Coaches


    The academics in Core Learning have multidisciplinary expertise and research interests. This dynamic team contributes to the cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary foci and perspectives of the SUSS Core.

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    Resources and Events

    Core Learning actively publishes essays, develop materials, curate useful resources, and hosts events.

    Contact Us

    You can contact us at if you have any queries.

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