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To enhance our students’ employability, education experience and graduate value, we will launch a new curriculum in July 2023.

The new curriculum will better prepare our students for the ever-evolving world of work and give them more flexibility in their studies.

“Our revamped curriculum acknowledges the unique student profile of SUSS, which is about 75% adult learners, while also enhancing their educational experience and better preparing them for a disruption-prone working life.”

- Professor Robbie Goh, SUSS Provost 


Key Benefits of the New Curriculum:


>> Greater Flexibility in Major and Minor Choices

It opens up more choices for free electives so students can choose to take a minor or second major. The second major broadens or complements the knowledge and training attained in the major and is an option applicable for selected full-time undergraduate programmes.

It allows greater major-minor combinations and even double-majoring to help our graduates acquire flexibility and range throughout their careers.


>> Rigorous Core Requirement Imparts Lifelong Transferable Skills

    The SUSS Core requirement has expanded to impart all students with values, skills and knowledge to navigate an increasingly disruptive and uncertain world.

    It places greater emphasis on interdisciplinary and experiential learning courses, allowing students to deepen their learning by way of application and creation. 

    Some of our signature courses include “Learning-to-Learn,” to enable lifelong learning competencies, as well as compulsory community engagement and overseas experiential learning for all full-time undergraduates. 

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    >> Equal Opportunity

    In support of our students in need, we offer a full range of financial aids and scholarships to help cover their tuition fees:


    Financial Aid



    Industry Endorsements:

    “The speed with which entry-level employees can absorb their new environment is strongly correlated to the experiences and capabilities they bring with them to their first position. When new career entrants bring relevant technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills and experiences with them, they are more likely to be successful in their role. That’s a finding from an IDC white paper, sponsored by Microsoft. As such, it is heartening to see that the new SUSS curriculum provides students access to inter-disciplinary learning resources, hands-on experiences, and on-the-job training to best equip them to jump-start their careers when they graduate.

    – Ms Lum Seow Khun, Director, Public Sector Group, Microsoft Singapore.

    “SUSS and SLA have been working closely to support the capability development of #SGlogistics enterprises and human resources.  As we continue to face rapid changes in global markets and new emerging needs, this curriculum revamp is timely and will further enhance the market relevance of SUSS students by equipping them with holistic industry-relevant and future-ready skill sets to lead and excel in their logistics careers.

    - Mr Oh Bee Lock, CEO, Singapore Logistics Association.



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