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Through strategic collaborations with local and international partners, SUSS is at the forefront of diverse and enriching global education.

We connect our students, alumni, faculty and staff to the world; through academic programme collaborations, knowledge sharing, student and faculty exchanges, and research partnerships; with institutions of higher learning, industry players, government agencies and community groups in various countries. By creating significant and sustainable social impact in Singapore; and beyond through these and more, our students, alumni, faculty, staff, programmes and research contribute to the betterment of society.

From work attachments, internships, community engagements, service-learning initiatives, student exchanges and study missions; to direct admission programmes, accelerated programmes, international conferences and forums, faculty exchanges and research collaborations... The partnership opportunities are endless!

With SUSS as the incubator of new knowledge, discoveries and innovations, organisations can gain access to a unique breadth and depth of knowledge and experience when they partner us. They can tap into our different research areas, enabling greater agility in their own research efforts. Our partners can build a pool of potential employees with the relevant know-how as they network with our students and alumni. With so many advantages to partnering SUSS, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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