Minors for SUSS Undergraduates


The minor offers breadth for full-time and part-time undergraduate students to explore additional areas of study.


Undergraduate students enrolled before July 2023 semester are required to complete 40 credit units (cu) for a minor, including at least 10 cu of higher-level courses (i.e. level 3 and above courses).


Undergraduate students who enrol from July 2023 semester onwards are required to complete 30 credit units (cu) for a minor, including at least 10 cu of higher-level courses (i.e. level 3 and above courses).


Selected minors have admission requirements.


Digital Curriculum Infographic FTUG


MinorStatusAre there admission requirements?Curriculum plan for undergraduate students who enrol before July 2023 semesterCurriculum plan for undergraduate students who enrol from July 2023 semester
AccountancyActive LinkLink
AnalyticsActive LinkLink
Application DevelopmentActive LinkLink
Applied Ageing StudiesActive
Applied Behavioural SciencesActive LinkLink
Applied EconomicsActive LinkLink
Aviation ManagementActive LinkLink
BusinessActive LinkLink
Chinese Language and CultureActive
Chinese LiteratureActive LinkLink
Cloud ComputingActive LinkLink
CommunicationActive LinkLink
Contemporary Social Issues Active LinkLink
Criminal InvestigationActiveYesLinkLink
CriminologyActive LinkLink
Crisis ManagementActive LinkLink
Cyber Safety and Information SecurityActive LinkLink
Data ScienceActiveYesLinkLink
Digital Content MarketingActive LinkLink
Digital MediaActive LinkLink
Early Childhood Education LeadershipActiveYesLinkLink
Employment DevelopmentActiveYesLinkLink
English LanguageActiveYesLinkLink
English LiteratureActiveYesLinkLink
Events ManagementActive LinkLink
Facilities ManagementActive LinkLink
Film StudiesActive LinkLink
Financial TechnologyActive LinkLink
Food Security and SustainabilityActive LinkLink
Human FactorsActive LinkLink
Human Resource ManagementActive LinkLink
Information TechnologyActive LinkLink
International Trade ManagementActive LinkLink
Introduction to ASEAN-China-India (ACI)Active LinkLink
LeadershipActive LinkLink
Malay LanguageActiveYesLinkLink
ManagementActive LinkLink
Maritime ManagementActive LinkLink
MarketingActive LinkLink
Mathematics (previously Algorithmic Development)Active LinkLink
Military StudiesActiveYesLinkLink
Mobile Application DevelopmentActive LinkLink
Outdoor EducationActiveYesLinkLink
Paramedicine and Emergency ResponseActive LinkLink
Physical EducationActiveYesLinkLink
Political ScienceActive LinkLink
Procurement ManagementActive LinkLink
PsychologyActive Link 
Psychology (Business)Active  Link
Psychology (Culture)Active  Link
Psychology (Education)Active  Link
Psychology (Forensics)Active  Link
Psychology (Health)Active  Link
Psychosocial InterventionActive LinkLink
Screen ProductionActive LinkLink
Social Entrepreneurship and InnovationActive LinkLink
SociologyActive LinkLink
Special EducationActive LinkLink
Supply Chain ManagementActive LinkLink
Sustainable Business PracticesActive LinkLink
Tamil LanguageActiveYesLinkLink
TranslationActive LinkLink
Work-based LearningUnder Revamp 

Workplace Safety and HealthActive LinkLink
Work StudyActiveYesLink 



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