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C-three (Counselling & Life Coaching)

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At C-three, your mental well-being is our concern and to help you with your mental challenges, we offer the following services:

What can I expect from C-three's counselling sessions?

Our professional counsellors will work closely with you to understand what you are going through and, together, help you know yourself better and explore options to better manage your challenges.

Our counsellors may use different techniques – verbal and non-verbal -  best suited to your situation.

Some of the areas that we help clients with include:

  • Adapting to University Life (family/work-life balance, assignments, deadlines etc)
  • Managing Emotions (fatigue, low mood, anxiety, anger, frustration etc)
  • Relationship Challenges (social, family, personal relations etc)
  • Coping with crisis (bereavement, loss, separation etc)
  • Seeking purpose and direction (personal growth, career decisions, self-discovery etc)
  • Any issues that may be causing distress or affecting your day-to-day
You may also visit to find out more about your current psychological well-being.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching primarily focuses on the present and the future. It is about helping you get to where you want to go in life. During the life coaching session, you will work with the life coach to discover and understand your challenges, strengths, and aspirations. With greater self awareness on what you want to achieve and the strengths and resources available to you, we will then work with you to identify practical goals and actionable steps that you can use immediately to achieve these goals. 

Why Life Coaching?

We live in a complex world where there is sometimes uncertainty and unpredictability in what might happen. There might be times when we find it hard to make sense of what is happening and what is the best way forward. This is especially so in situations where there are many things to consider and some factors might even be beyond our control.

Coaching can help you to:

  • Make sense of what is happening so that you have clarity on what is important to you and how to move forward
  • Go beyond just doing ok on a day-to-day basis and work towards achieving better performance and outcomes in your life
  • Fully realise your potential and tap on your strengths, skills, abilities and experiences
  • Discover solutions that work well for you and are very doable and practical
  • Grow the confidence to take the next step towards your goals
  • Find ways to thrive in various circumstances (eg working well with others, greater productivity, school/work/life balance etc)

C-three provides practicum opportunities for students enrolled in the counselling programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences​. The students will be mentored by professional practitioners to ensure a positive learning experience.

C-three regularly conducts workshops and talks for students and staff. More information will be made available when these are arranged.

Referrals can be made to a variety of psychological, therapeutic, or psychiatric services in the community if and when appropriate and necessary.

The psychologist/counsellor will discuss with the client to determine the best way forward.

“A dream unexamined is like a letter unopened.” (Jewish saying).

If your nightly dream is indeed like a letter, then there has to be a sender. Receiving a dream when you are asleep implies that there is a relationship between the dreamer and the one who sent the dream. To do DREAMWORKS is to carry on that relationship. Dreamworks is a conscious intentional response to your sleeping dreams. It is for anyone with a desire to access wisdom and meaning from nightly dreams.  

What messages are your nightly dreams bringing to you? Find your way with Dreamworks. Make an appointment with us today. 

You may listen to Dr James Hollis, a Jungian analyst, on the importance and benefits of taking our nightly dreams seriously.

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  +65 6248 1600
Mon - Fri: 9.00am to 5.00pm

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  Blk A, Level 3. Room 3.05B
Blk C, Level 8. Room 8.06J

Opening Hours:

 Mon - Thu: 9.00am to 8.30pm
Fri: 9.00am to 5.00pm
We are closed on weekends and public holidays

In case of Emergency:

SUSS Security: +65 6248 9100 (Blk A Lobby)

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