C-three offers individual counselling as an avenue for clients to discuss their concerns. These concerns may include physical or psychological health matters (e.g. anxiety, depression), marital or spousal conflicts, loneliness, work/study stress, personal relationships, or relationships between family members.

C-three offers coaching to facilitate and help clients to maximise their potential through an intentional, goal-focused, and action-driven process within the coaching relationship. Clients typically use coaching services to solve problems, design a course of action to reach desired goals, and to make better decisions.

C-three provides practical training for students enrolled in the counselling programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences​. The students will be mentored by professional and experienced practitioners to ensure high quality service and a positive learning experience.

C-three assists clients to gain greater self-awareness through personality assessments. A nominal fee may be charged. For more information, please contact the Centre.

Referral Services

Referrals can be made to a variety of psychological, therapeutic, or psychiatric services in the community if and when appropriate and necessary. The psychologist/counsellor will discuss with the client to determine the best way forward.


Counselling, and coaching services are provided for students of Singapore University of Social Sciences​ at no cost.

Appointments and Cancellations

Every enquiry and request will be attended to within 3 working days. The urgency of the client's situation will be assessed and an appointment slot arranged with an assigned psychologist/counsellor/coach.

C-three will try to accommodate personal and academic commitments, but wait time may increase if a client requests for very restricted appointment times. The more flexible a client can be in terms of availability, the more likely he/she will be seen promptly.

To further address wait time, clients are advised to notify C-three as soon as possible if they are unable to attend the scheduled appointment. The slot may then be released to another client thereby reducing that client's wait time.

Clients who arrive 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointment will have to reschedule their appointment.



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