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BT-SUSS Business Climate Survey

What is the BT-SUSS Business Climate Survey?

The Business Times of Singapore launched a quarterly business activity survey in January 1996 to track turning points in Singapore business cycles and to capture the performance of Singapore firms in terms of sales, profits and orders in the past quarter, and the firms' perceptions on business prospects for the next six months. The firms polled are drawn from a wide spectrum of business activities. Since the third quarter of 2006, the survey has been jointly conducted with SIM University. It was renamed BT-SUSS Business Climate Survey in 2017.

The small sample survey has successfully identified the turning points in business cycles. A forecast for GDP growth in the next quarter is also derived from the survey findings. These early signals can be useful for business planning. For instance, expansion plans could be launched when an imminent upturn is indicated.


The Business Times (2020, May 18). p.1


Summary of Reports

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