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Issue 03 | May 2021



Ageing societies worldwide are now invested in building conducive environments to harness the autonomy and strengths of their senior population. Since treatment towards elderly is a fine measure of any society, SUSS is committed to understanding various gaps, complexities and challenges together with seniors, caregivers and community partners to co-create a valuable knowledge base in the field of Gerontology. Focusing beyond medical aspects of ageing, the gerontology research group brings awareness into areas unique to Singapore such as age-inclusivity in shared spaces, anxieties around ageing workforces and psychological issues surmounting an elderly hoarder's mindset.

How can our care system support the sleep-deprived caregiver of a person with Dementia? What can a Singaporean do to help their elderly neighbour overcome loneliness? Questions such as these are part of SUSS's Gerontological contribution to research and it is our hope to change attitudes while developing better community outreach programs & policies that will benefit the most significant and growing population among us.

Featured Articles

Applied Research in Singapore's Ageing Society: Methods, Philosophies, and Approaches

Associate Professor Carol Ma describes a collaborative approach to conducting research and serving the community, demonstrated by the philosophy of service learning in ageing services.


Social Integration and Creating an Age-inclusive Community in Singapore

Critical factors for community bonding include creating age-inclusive spaces, as detailed by Retired Professor Kalyani Kirtikar Mehta who is advocating for more reciprocal relationships, both intergenerationally and inter-culturally, for greater social cohesion.


A Holistic Framework for Harnessing an Ageing Workforce in Singapore

Unprecedented challenges are faced by an increasing ageing workforce. Associate Professor Helen Ko analyses current policies and suggests a framework and principles for workplace parity and a more conducive work environment.


Hoarding Behaviour in the Elderly: Proposals for Better Elder Care

The concomitant problem of elderly hoarding, along with an ageing population, poses unique social challenges. Sng Hock Lin, Gerontology Ph.D. student, elaborates on the underlying issues at hand and their implications for community support.


Stereotypes & Opportunities in Employment — Implications of Age in the Workplace

An ageing workforce necessitates a deep understanding of how governmental and company policies affect retirement, as well as the associated biases and attitudes that older employees may face. Amberyce Ang, Ph.D. student in Gerontology, expounds upon some of her findings with regards to ageing and employment


The Effects of Inpatient Social Prescribing for Primary Caregivers in Eldercare

Caregivers frequently bridge elderly patients and the community that they are reintroduced into after discharge. Tan Tai Kiat, Gerontology Ph.D. student, explains his research on social prescribing as a way to improve health in inpatients, and its significance in the context of COVID-19.


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