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Chinese Enterprises and Communities Monograph Series

Chief Editor: Professor Eddie C. Y. Kuo




第一册:《国际元立集团“企业家族”信念之探讨》Volume 1: Prime Group International: The Study of a 'Corporate Family'

Author: Chung Yun-ying

This case study explores how Prime Group International, through the principles of Confucianism, transforms itself from a 'family business' to become a 'corporate family'.

Led by its chairman, Mr Tan Hong Khoon, Prime Group International started with running Prime Supermarket in Singapore. Over the years, it gradually ventured into various overseas businesses, ranging from resort and hospitality, golf course, agriculture, real estate, education to wellness and healthcare.

Mr Tan firmly believes that 'family' forms the basis of all societies and when the family is not well managed, it becomes the source of many problems in modern society. He attributes the success of his businesses to the adoption of a good set of house rules, fairness, justice, openness and leads by example. These are basically Confucian in nature. Meanwhile, the author also highlights the contribution of some key female family members in maintaining a harmonious relationship in the family. With the expansion of the business, and through application of Confucian ideals, Prime Group International has transformed itself to become a "corporate family", where their corporate employees are instilled with a sense of identity and become part of the extended family.







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