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You may click here to download the WA Guidelines infographic for Employers or Host Organisation and here for the detailed document.

Q: When do students do their Work Attachments (WA)?
A: Students typically commence WA from their second year of studies.

Q: What is WA?
A: WA is a signature programme of the SUSS undergraduate curriculum, where students perform a minimum 24-week (except ECE students where they perform 12 weeks of WA) of Work Attachment at Industry Partners' Organisation (Host Organisation) during their second or third year of studies, in either the Summer or Winter windows.

Q: When is the WA period?
A: There are two windows where students can perform their WA; generally from May to the following January and November to the following July. The upcoming WA windows are:

DurationStart PeriodEnd PeriodStudent MajorsYear of Studies
WA: 6 months (minimum)


End May

Mid JanFIN, MKT, HRM, SCM, Business Analytics, PSS2nd, 3rd
WA: 6 months (minimum)
End NovEnd JulFIN, MKT, HRM, SCM, Business Analytics, PSS2nd, 3rd

Q: When do Accounting Students perform their WA?
A: From September to following July (Single window).

Q: How can we hire SUSS students?
A: Companies may register their company on Kinobi@SUSS and attach the JD (job description) of the WA/employment role. As the WA is one of the graduating requirements for students, we require the WA scope to be of certain rigor; if necessary, our career advisers will work with you to further refine the scope. For easy reference, we have the WA Learning Objectives (LO) required for the various Majors under Useful Documents above.

Q: Is CPF contribution required?
A: With effect from 1 January 2018, organisations which host students, who are Singaporeans/PRs on WA and internships approved by SUSS Office of Career Development are exempted from making contributions to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) and Skills Development Levy (SDL).

Q: Do we need to provide Annual Leaves to Students working with us?
A: As per MOM Guidelines: "For internships that Students undergo as part of their academic course requirements in schools, they will typically not be subjected to the legal provisions in the EA and WICA". Hence, this is up to host organisation's discretion.

Q: Does host organisation need to purchase insurance for students on WA/internship?
A: Students are covered by SUSS's existing insurance scheme (see Student Insurance Scheme). The host organisation may provide further coverage for the student, or where it is an OWA and/or travelling is required during the WA.

Q: Does host organisation need to purchase insurance for students on Overseas WA/internship?
A: SUSS partners with International SOS ("ISOS") for the provision of, inter alia, emergency medical and repatriation services for SUSS students who are on overseas study missions or programmes, hence students on OWA should only purchase ISOS-supported travel insurance cover.

Q: Can students perform a shorter WA with us?
A: Yes. Students have the option to do a 'Stack-up' WA which must be a minimum of 8 weeks per Stack-up. Alternatively, students can opt for an Internship with the company of any duration.

Q: Can students perform a longer WA with us?
A: Yes. Students have the option to do a longer WA as long as it does not affect their school curriculum.

Q: What is the difference between Work Attachment and Internship?
A: In the terminology we use, the Work Attachment (WA) is undertaken for graduation purposes, in other words, the WA is a graduation requirement. There are assignments to be completed and submitted, the assignation of a mentor to the student to monitor the latter's work progress, and conference(s) with the latter's site supervisor regarding their work performance at the host organisation. In contrast, the internship is not a graduation requirement, does not involve any of the aforementioned activities, and refers simply to all non-WA work stints taken up by students.

Q: I have registered on your portal but have yet to receive my login credentials.
A: Please allow three working days for the registration to be processed. Otherwise, please write in to

Q: I have posted a job on your portal but it is still not approved.
A: Please allow three working days for the JD to be approved. Otherwise, please write in to

Q: Are there any requirements that employers must meet to participate in SUSS's WA/internship programme?
A: Employers are selected based on their ability to provide local and overseas WA / internships which meet the WA Learning Objectives (LO) required for the various Majors under the Useful Documents above.

The Career Development Office may schedule a brief telephone conversation or brief meeting to assess Employer’s requirements, as well as to share with Employer the requirements for WA.

Employers who are motivated solely by revenue will not be considered. We are seeking partnerships with Industry Partners who are keen to collaborate with SUSS to provide Students with a meaningful learning journey which would create a win-win situation for both HO and students.

Q: Is there a standard number of Annual Leaves we need to provide students?
A: We leave this up to the company's discretion, and in accordance with MOM guidelines.

Q: Is there a standard remuneration for students?
A: We leave this up to the company's discretion, following the competitive market practice.

Q: How can we participate in your Career Fair?
A: At the moment, our Annual e-Career Fair takes place between February/March. Otherwise, we do host on- and off-campus Campus Engagement Events for Employers to share Industry Insights, Enhance Employer Branding, and Promote Career Opportunities within their Organisations. If you're keen to explore campus engagement initiatives further, please contact us at To participate, you may create an account on Kinobi@SUSS and we will get in touch with you nearer to event date.

Q: How can we engage SUSS Students?
A: Host organisations can connect with our students via the following means:

  • On-Campus and Off-Campus Events such as Career Talks, Company Visits, Open House etc.
  • Industry Insights Sharing Sessions and Career Development and Skills related Workshops/Boot Camps/Seminars
  • Competitions and Challenges
  • Internships (Local and Overseas)
  • Industry Projects (with or without Faculty Supervision)
  • Overseas Learning Journeys (especially if Industry Partner has an overseas presence, we could curate an industry-based Learning Journey with the Industry Partner).
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