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Career Advisory & Mentoring


SUSS Career Development (CD) Mentors are equipped with many years of professional and industry experience.

Students are highly encouraged to leverage their insights for any career-related issues such as:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Review (students must have completed Resume Clinics as a pre-requisite)
  • Career Exploration
  • Interview Preparation
  • Decision Making and Negotiation

At CD, we adopt a person-centered approach to support students on their career development journeys. The career mentor will guide the students on their self-exploration. CD also designs conducive environments to facilitate students' professional development through the curation of empowerment programmes that will complement their career development strategies. 

The career mentor will work closely with the students at the elucidation and execution stages to create career plans and strategies to get them started on their career development journeys.

Career Mentors Profile


Students can access to job and training opportunities while improving their employability with the help of qualified advice from our Career Mentors.

To get a more thorough description of each Career Mentor, you may click on their respective profile.

Our Career Mentors

Consultation With Career Mentors


For students who wish to discover more about themselves and get advice on the career advancement plan strategy, do schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with our qualified Career Mentors.

For students enrolled in the full-time programmes, do check Kinobi@SUSS under “University Mentors” and email them for a consultation.

For students enrolled in the part-time programmes, do reach out directly to any of our Career Mentors listed for a career consultation.

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