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Alexis Poh

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Resourcing Intern at Keppel Corporation
Jan 2020 to Jun 2020


CDO Testimonial Alexis Poh

Alexis Poh (2nd last row, in short hair) with her colleagues

Learning something new every day - Working at Keppel Corporation is filled with learning opportunities every day. I was entrusted with the responsibility and autonomy to lead and oversee various engagement projects and initiatives, such as the Keppel Internship Programme for early-talent recruitment.

As a resourcing intern under the centre of excellence of a multi-national corporation, I had many opportunities to network and deal with businesses across industries. These experiences honed my project management abilities and allowed me to develop transferable skill sets such as strategic thinking and interpersonal skills that are useful in my long-term personal development.

People and connections - Without a doubt, this work attachment has sharpened my business acumen and readiness for the global workforce. I am immensely grateful for a supportive and nurturing team on this learning journey. Their unceasing encouragement pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to assume a greater role. I was empowered to lead discussions, host several events and implement solutions to enhance service efficiency. Besides gaining real-life corporate experience, another big takeaway was the long-term connections which I had forged over time. These amazing people helped me gain a deeper understanding of my personal strengths, enabling me to make an informed career decision in the future.

Their belief in me - Even though it is a huge corporate organization, Keppel treats their interns like full-time employees. I was assigned meaningful tasks which were beneficial for my growth and my contributions were also recognised by my superiors. One of my most memorable projects was the “Intern-Net” graduation celebration. In view of the work from home arrangement, I initiated the idea of a virtual ceremony to bid farewell and thank the interns for their hard work. Not only did I receive positive response from my team, I got their full support in steering this project on my own. The trust bestowed on me made me feel really valued and instilled a sense of importance to my role. The time and effort working on this project resulted in some of the most valuable learning and fulfilling experiences of my internship.



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