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CDO Testimonials Channelle

Chanelle Hsu Yueh

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics with Minor
Product Consulting Intern at Tableau Software
Jul 2019 to Dec 2019

If I could pick out the most memorable experience of my university life, it would be my internship with Tableau.

For someone who was just starting out in analytics, Tableau was like a breath of fresh air. My time there helped me understand that data, too, can be vibrant and, most importantly, fun. I entered the company with nothing but a curious mind and an endearing love for the software and was received with warmth by the lovely Product Consultant team. I was entrusted with the same responsibility as those of full-time Product Consultants – to be fervent advocates of the software to clients across various industries. At Tableau, my eyes were opened to the diverse use cases of the software in MNCs, start-ups and government organizations.

I worked with companies like Grab, Zilingo and Standard Chartered Bank, creating impactful analytical solutions to help them in the long run. I was also given the unique opportunity to venture internally and embed technical solutions into operations for teams within Tableau. These experiences helped sharpen my business acumen, honing my ability to quickly understand business problems and translating them into data analytics requirements. Beyond these opportunities, Tableau also showed me the importance of company culture. I had the privilege to work with some of the brightest minds who embodied the meaning of “Work Hard, Play Harder”. These are the most wonderful people I have met in the corporate world so far; they’ve given me multiple challenges and opportunities and never once hesitated to share their knowledge with me to support my professional development.

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