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Zee Celine (front row, 4th from left) with her colleagues

Dong Xinru

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Marketing Intern at Singtel
Dec 2019 to May 2020



Enriching and fulfilling - In general, the work attachment experience at Singtel was a great one! It was an enriching and fulfilling learning journey as I was exposed to both marketing and operations during my stint. Being invited to join or simply sit in various different meetings broadened my perspectives and deepened my industry knowledge. I picked up essential skills from two vastly different job scopes, which I believe will benefit me in the future.

Patient and approachable managers - I am very thankful to have extremely patient and approachable managers who willingly taught me all I needed to know. Inevitably, because I was new, I made mistakes at work and some were even ‘fatal’ mistakes. However, I was grateful that my supervisors allowed room for mistakes instead of criticizing me. They encouraged me by telling me that it was all right to make mistakes as everyone does that; what was more crucial was that we learn from the mistake and of course, do not repeat the same mistake. I kept their advice in mind and over time, I was indeed able to avoid making the same mistakes.

Great team - Another point worth mentioning is the open culture within the team, and the strong team spirit and good relationships fostered between my colleagues and me. Communication was never an issue even as we interacted and collaborated with other departments.

Personal growth - Personally, I have really grown and developed a better understanding of myself. I have also developed essential life skills such as time and stress management, and a higher level of self-confidence during the six months of work attachment. The constant challenges I faced filled me with self-doubt initially but through perseverance, I proved to myself that I indeed had the capability to accomplish my tasks well.

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