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CDO Testimonials Shawn Law

Shawn Law

Bachelor of Accountancy
Analyst Intern at NIFCO Inc.
May 2017 to Nov 2017

The overseas work attachments (OWAs) in Hong Kong and Japan are among the best times and memories of my life. The people I met and the memories created throughout the OWAs are the most precious to me. And, not forgetting the unique experience of working in 2 different countries in 6 months. This experience has made me more independent, responsible and versatile. It has also enhanced some of my soft skills in communication, problem solving, adaptability and interpersonal relationship management. I believe these skills are very valuable and useful, especially in the work environment where one has to liaise with clients, colleagues, and managers on a regular basis.

The main reason for doing an OWA was the experience and exposure that I expected to gain, which are important in view of increasing globalisation, and which I did. The experience and exposure would also give me an edge in competing for opportunities abroad. Furthermore, it was an extremely rare opportunity to be offered stints in 2 different countries whilst working for the same company. The overall OWA was an amazing and beneficial journey for me.

CDO Testimonials Shawn Law 2

Shawn Law (5th from right) with her colleagues

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