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Zuhra Anuar

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Channel Marketing Intern at Robert Bosch
May 2019 to Dec 2019

CDO Testimonials Zuhra

Zuhra Anuar (seated on trishaw, in black) with her colleagues

A rewarding and fulfilling experience - My internship experience at Bosch was a rewarding and fulfilling one. Not only did it give me valuable insights I am certain will be useful in my future career, it also developed me personally in terms of my communication skills and professional work ethic. Working in such a diverse, highly motivated and enthusiastic department made my time at Bosch both stimulating and fun.

Learning on the job - This opportunity allowed me to experience first-hand work in the Marketing Analytics field and I was able to get a clearer idea of the career I aim to pursue, with a better understanding of the expectations and duties involved. I was given a variety of tasks, ranging from creating performance reports and preparing for important presentations to planning events. The hands-on work gave me the chance to apply theories learnt in school to real situations, enhancing my learning and allowing me to gain a much greater appreciation of these concepts. At every stage of my internship and with every task I was given, I felt that my input was valued and that my learning curve never stopped increasing. Being involved in discussions and meetings and getting regular feedback from my manager provided me with a holistic learning experience. The exposure to new ideas and perspectives has tremendously broadened my views and the lessons learnt were truly valuable, something that could not be taught in textbooks and classrooms. Through my internship, I built strong relationships with my colleagues and expanded my professional network. I assisted in organizing and planning the department’s annual conference, and I got the opportunity to meet and connect with associates from other countries. Attending the company’s Dinner and Dance also allowed me to network and meet even more colleagues and professionals. To this day, I still keep in touch with my colleagues and seek their advice on school projects and career options.

A well-rounded education - This internship was definitely essential as it connected the knowledge learnt in classrooms to actual applications, enabling me to have a well-rounded, comprehensive education. I have learnt so many valuable professional and life lessons, which have given me the confidence to join the workforce when I graduate. Most importantly, I left the internship feeling excited and passionate about marketing, and I know this is what I want to pursue.

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