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CDO Testimonials Ivelyn Tan

Ivelyn Tan

Bachelor of Social Work with Minor
Junior Educator Intern at Globish Academia (Bangkok, Thailand)

Jun 2023 to Jul 2023






Ivelyn Tan (2nd row, 2nd from right)

I am thrilled to recount my extraordinary experience as a Junior Educator Intern with Globish in the bustling heart of Bangkok. These two months have unquestionably marked a pivotal moment in both my academic and professional journey, as I left an excellent impression in my first career-related venture beyond the familiar confines of my home country, Singapore.

Choosing to take this overseas internship was a decision driven by my passion for trying new things and a desire to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to immerse myself in a different working culture and environment, one that extended beyond the borders of Singapore. With an academic background was in Social Work, I am a strong believer of service and impact. Therefore, I chose Globish, which is in Education and Linguistics, as its noble mission to empower individuals through English language learning resonated deeply with my values.

Globish Academia is an incubator for innovation and autonomy. Its start-up culture sets it apart from any other work environment I had encountered. The working ethos championed flexibility, by permitting team members to work while on the move. The focal point was results, not micromanagement. One aspect I loved was learning about other team members’ role. Everyone had their own unique responsibilities, and this exposure deepened my understanding of the interconnectedness in the business ecosystem and the interrelationships that make work works. My tasks ranged from writing weekly emails to creating educational materials for young students and evaluating their progress. Teaming up with another intern, I proposed a unique project for the culmination of our internship - an English Camp designed specifically for children. Our challenge was to pitch this idea directly to the CEO of our company. Evidently, Globish focuses on people rather than organisational structure, by de-layering the corporate structure.

Moreover, knowing that I had come to Bangkok alone, my colleagues made sure I never felt lonely or out of place. I was initially worried about language and cultural differences, but those concerns quickly disappeared. The people at Globish were incredibly welcoming, friendly, and a joy to work with. They provided me with professional guidance while allowing me to be myself and enjoy the experience. They went out of their way to help me settle in, teaching me the Thai language and slang, and sharing insights about Thai culture and cuisine. They introduced me to hidden gems in Bangkok, like bringing me on a one-day trip to Koh Kred, and treated me to delicious local food. Their support and friendship made my transition to life in a foreign country almost seamless.

I want to leave you with a message that has resonated deeply with me throughout my journey working in a new country with Globish Education: Embrace new opportunities beyond your comfort zone, and always keep an open mind. As the CEO of Globish wisely shared, "Culture is what makes us alike, yet distinct." Culture is a multifaceted and ever-evolving tapestry that binds us all through shared experiences while celebrating our unique individuality. It is a reminder that, as human beings, we possess the incredible ability to create, adapt, and share culture, enriching our world with diverse perspectives.

So, I encourage everyone to seize opportunities, explore new horizons, and learn from the rich tapestry of cultures that surround you. Embrace the unknown with open arms, for it is in those moments that we truly grow and connect with the world.

In Thailand, I found that forming deeper connections with others through shared moments was incredibly rewarding.

CDO Testimonials Ivelyn Tan 2

Ivelyn Tan (dressed in black)


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