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CDO Testimonials Ryan Chan

Ryan Chan I-Xiu

Bachelor of Science in Finance
Financial Group Intern at UOB (Bangkok, Thailand)

Aug 2023 to Oct 2023



Supportive Family - My parents were both educated overseas and which had a large impact on their parenting style. Growing up, my parents would often encourage my sister and I to have a broad worldview as the world was not confined within Singapore. Therefore, when they heard that I applied for an overseas internship, my parents were fully supportive of my decision.

Why Thailand? - When I saw the internship listing for UOB Thailand, I jumped on the opportunity and applied for it instantly. This was the culmination of 3 years of learning the Thai language as it was the perfect avenue for me to experience working in Thailand. Languages are “use it or lose it” and this was a natural decision for me, as living in Thailand for several months meant that I could practice using the language daily. I adapt very well and as there were minimal communication barriers between my colleagues and I, coupled with a very inclusive workplace environment. Thus, I was able to allocate my time to grasp the financial and legal terminologies which enhanced my subsequent work performance

Key Takeaways - Throughout my stint with UOB Thailand, I had the honour and privilege to work closely with the relationship managers from my department. I was tasked with preparing cash flow projections, crafting pitch decks, drafting legal documents, and managing client communications. Business documents and official client communications may be written in English, but the majority of client meetings and legal documents are in Thai.  It’s the opportunities to read and write in Thai  that made this internship impactful and fruitful . Ultimately, an overseas internship provides a unique learning experience as it challenges one’s adaptability in a foreign professional setting while being completely independent. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I strongly encourage anyone looking to challenge themselves to undertake an overseas internship.


CDO Testimonials Ryan Chan 2

Ryan Chan I-Xiu (2nd from right)


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