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CDO Testimonials Tan Wei Cong

Tan Wei Cong

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Marketing Trainee at Finema (Bangkok, Thailand)

May 2023 to Jul 2023







Tan Wei Cong (2nd last row, extreme right)


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern at Finema as a Marketing Trainee, where I manage and grow the company’s social media accounts by creating engaging and interesting contents about our products.

As the school was very proactive in ensuring my safety whilst in Bangkok, I felt very assured to be interning overseas. I could readily reach out to SUSS Thailand Country Manager and the staff in SUSS Career Development Office, anytime. Whilst overseas, I updated my parents regularly about my whereabouts and shared with them the safe working environment.

This opportunity definitely broadened my horizons, in terms of culture and mindset. As I was in a foreign country alone for an extended period of time, I became very independent and self-reliant. I was also able to develop my communication skills as I had to work with a culturally different team which converse in the Thai language. To communicate effective, I observed body language and listened more attentively.

I would definitely recommend my peers to take the opportunities provided by SUSS to perform internships overseas as well. Living in Bangkok for 3 months has definitely been one of my best experiences in life, where I was able to grow personally and professionally. It brings me so much thrill to be able to live like a local and to experience a country’s culture. 


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