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Other Pathways to Fulfil Work Attachment (WA)

WA Pathways (UPDATED)

Other than local WA, students may also explore other pathways such as Overseas Work Attachment / Internships (OWA / OI), Virtual Internship Programme (VIP), Interdisciplinary WA (I-WA), and Entrepreneurial WA (E-WA).

Overseas Work Attachment / Internships (OWA / OI)



The OWA / OI gives students an opportunity to work and reside at a foreign company. There will be a local Work-Mentor who will guide the student through the tasks, and allow students to experience multi-culture by socializing with people from different backgrounds. 

Students may refer here for more information.

Interdisciplinary Work Attachment (I-WA)

Interdisciplinary _WA (I-WA)


I-WA offers exposure to / requires you to apply the knowledge acquired from more than one study discipline.

Students are required to:

  • Learn Industry and Company-specific Knowledge
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Apply Multidisciplinary Knowledge and Skills
    • Data / Trend Analysis
    • Financial Projection
    • Marketing and Sales Strategy
    • Event Logistics Planning

For I-WA, students would have to collaborate with colleagues from different departments – Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, External Suppliers and Partners, and Subject Matter Experts.

Entrepreneurial WA (E-WA)

Entrepreneurial_Work_Attachment (E-WA)

Apart from the WA with a company, you can also choose to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with us and start your E-WA. Similar to WA with a company, this will be a guided process over 6 months with a WA supervisor. The E-WA gives students a startup opportunity with a well-defined business overview, business plan pitch deck, and target milestones.


To apply for the E-WA, applicants are required to attend an interview and/or make a pitch to determine their readiness and suitability for the E-WA. The application should be made to and comprise of:

  • One-page Business Overview (Lean Business Model Canvas or similar)

A clear overview of the problem and solution statement, unique value proposition, customer segments and market size, marketing strategy, revenue streams and cost structure.

  • Business Pitch Deck

Include more contextual information about the business the student is building, and why it has the potential to succeed

  • 6-Month Milestones

The next 6-month milestones plan shall serve as an overview of the student's work during the course of the E-WA. The starting date of the Plan shall be the starting date of the E-WA.

  • Team Background

No business is done without support. Students can provide information on the team members and external mentors.


Students are strongly encouraged to propose a mentor as their WA supervisor. The mentor could be part of an external incubator or accelerator programmes that you have accepted into or an industry expert.

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