Office of Student Life (OST)

Student Life

Nurturing an inclusive environment that supports individual needs and enables students to realise their aspirations and positively impact others
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OST Framework 2023At SUSS, we believe that every student has the potential to achieve great things in life - both personally and for the wider community.

Student Life (STL) aims to create an enabling culture that empowers students to maximise their personal potential. This is realised by supporting students to strengthen their well-being, and helping students develop their unique potential to contribute actively to SUSS and the wider Community.

Programmes offered by the Office are structured using a “4S” approach:

  1. Support - Building a sustained community of peer support and practice.
  2. Sustainability - Enabling a culture of stewardship and advocacy leadership for social good.
  3. Safety - Promoting a safe campus for the SUSS student community.
  4. Skills - Developing students’ unique potential through the acquisition of life skills.

With the intentional design and delivery of our experiential learning programmes, STL helps students discover their strengths and realize their potential to contribute actively to SUSS and the wider community.

We are excited and look forward to facilitating our students’ journey to achieve personal success at SUSS!

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