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About Success Academy


“Collaboration must be our strength, as we must see beyond our ability to achieve alone. Singaporeans must distinguish ourselves as a team, rather than as a collection of individuals. Collaboration must span disciplines, cultures, and geography; the ability to connect and bridge divides must be our defining characteristic, to value-add to a fragmenting and fractious world.” - Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister of Education, January 2023, Speech at IPS Singapore Perspectives 2023

In setting up the SUcceSS Academy, SUSS hopes to strengthen collaboration and partnership between organisations and institutions in both countries functioning as a nexus for our industry and education partners in the country to come together to co-design, co-develop and co-deliver programmes and/or to collaborate in projects and research with SUSS.

The regional SUcceSS Academies are set up to offer programmes to SUSS students and stakeholders in the host country. This will allow SUSS to expand partnerships with the industries and education institutions, provide support for regional outreach efforts, exemplifying SUSS in its social impact in the region which would in turn enhance the SUSS regional branding and presence.


SUSS – Embassy Education Success Academy


The SUSS – Embassy Education Success Academy is set up in partnership with our industry partner Embassy Education.  
More details on upcoming programmes will be made available soon. 

About our partner: Embassy Education 

Viet Embassy Education has been involved in various development efforts contributing towards social impact including education/special education, creative industries and youth development in Vietnam. Founded in 2018, Embassy Education have established successful partnerships with prestigious global educational entities such as Reggio Children from Italy and Harvard Project Zero from the USA. As of today, Embassy Education proudly encompasses 17 member institutions, with a wide spectrum of creative educational organizations and schools.


These institutions cater to students ranging from pre-schoolers to those pursuing primary, secondary, and higher education. This includes the first official Reggio Emilia Approach Pre-School in Vietnam and an autism school, Special Em’s Education Centre (SEEC). Mr Thanh Bui, is the founder-chairman of Embassy Education and His commitment to advancing education and nurturing creativity continues to shape the future of learning in Vietnam and beyond. He also serves as a SUSS Fellow.



Address : 212 Pasteur 
Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3 
Ho Chi Minh City, 700000 
Contact :Ms Nancy Ha, Country Manager 



SUSS – MCH Success Academy

The SUSS – MCH Success Academy is set up in partnership with our industry partner, MY CN HUB.  
More details on upcoming programmes will be made available soon. 


About our partner: MY CN HUB


MY CN HUB is an educational consultancy based in Beijing, China, that provides study abroad and educational consulting services to students. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of professionals who have studied and worked in top universities and institutions around the world.
Mr Liu Tian Shu, Timothy is the CEO and Founder of Light Beijing Co Ltd and the CIO and Product Department Leader for Belt Road International Corporation Centre (2018) who oversees the operating systems both in the government and private domains. He has over 17 years of experience in associations, business, school and internet initiative projects. Timothy is also currently our SUSS fellow.


Address : 502, Building 6 
Zhongguancun Z-Innoway 
No.48 Haidiandajie 
Haidian district 
Beijing, China 
Contact :Mr Timothy Liu Tianshu / Mr Andy Liu Bin, Country Representatives 



SUSS – Bay Area Network Success Academy

The SUSS – Bay Area Success Academy is set up in partnership with our industry partner, Shenzhen Wanyuan Consulting Co., Ltd also known as Bay Area Network. 

More details on upcoming programmes will be made available soon. 


About our partner: Bay Area Network  

BayAreaShenzhen Wanyuan Consulting Co. Ltd (Bay Area Network) is a prominent consulting company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Aims to provide business services for Enterprises, Association and Organizations, College and Universities to set up new business entity or branch in the Greater Bay Area They has facilitated the business cooperation of more than 10,000 science and technology-based enterprises locally and globally in the past 8 years, they mainly focus on financial services, talent development and delivery, supply chain solutions, new business development for enterprises in the Greater Bay Area.Their industry network encompasses diverse sectors, further enriching SUSS's entrepreneurship and incubation programs. They offer a wide range of services, including market research, business planning, investment analysis, financial modeling, and project management. Their clients come from various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and finance. Ms Huang Xiaoying, Cynthia, who is the founder of Wanyuan, is a SUSS Fellow and served as a resource person in our academic and experiential learning programmes conducted locally and overseas.


Address : 401O, Block D, North Zone 
Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub 
Shenzhen, China 
Contact :Ms Huang Xiaoying, Cynthia/ Ms Han Rong, Hazel, Country Representatives  



Country Representatives and Managers

Our Country Representatives and Managers are involved in the development and implementation of the university's regional programmes through programme administration support, partnership development liaison and wellbeing support for students undergoing programmes in the respective host countries.



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For more information about the programmes and opportunities for collaboration under the Student SUcceSS Centre, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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