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Metaverse Lab

The Metaverse Lab is established to study and investigate the combination of the physical and virtual world with a decentralized web that embodies sharing, attention, contributory, and platform economies. The aim of the lab is to harness technology for the greater good, and is in the midst of planning a course on Inclusive Fintech and Metaverse, topics include

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Development, Evolution, and Use Cases
  • Pure Digital NFTs: Speculative Fantasy or Technological Advancement
  • NFTs and the Metaverse: A Trans-Ecosystem Currency - Gaming, E-Sports, and the Virtual Universe
  • Human-like AI in the Metaverse: Algorithms, Deployment, Hardware, and Trust
  • Regulation & Governance in the Metaverse: Human-centric, blockchain-centric, and Interoperability
  • Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse
  • DeFi & the Metaverse: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), Smart Contracts, Blockchains

In addition to courses, the lab aims to:

  1. Conduct technical research in both software and hardware
  2. Conduct behavioural research on the impact on society
  3. Conduct knowledge and competency courses on metaverse
  4. Conduct lessons in the metaverse


The Metaverse Lab is pioneered by the faculty at the SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT)

For partnership with the Metaverse Lab through donations and grants, please contact the SUSS Advancement Office @ gift@suss.edu.sg or call 6240 8888.

Possible Partnership Opportunities Include:

  • Lab Naming
  • Programme Naming
  • Professorships & Industry Speaker Series
  • Publications Naming
  • Scholarships & Awards Naming

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