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Project SUNSHINE Living Lab

The foundation of Project SUNSHINE interoperability Living Lab is to bring inclusive blockchain technologies to the real world, enabled by connectivity and blockchain support implemented in MeshBox hardware and peer-to-peer SmartMesh networking. It serves to make SUSS a critical centre-of-excellence for OpenNodes, and in return, creating more funding opportunities for SUSS in the area of emerging blockchain technology.


Token Economy in Action: Beacon Node and Staking Economy

  • SUSS will become a Beacon Node of Spectrum, SmartMesh’s public blockchain, generate SMT and MESH token revenue for SUSS and illustrate the token economy in action.
  • MeshBoxes deployed on campus can be used for the Staking Economy while providing public blockchain services. 
  • SmartMesh will develop a customised app for SUSS, on which all SUSS app users will receive airdrop tokens and token rewards in their wallets.
  • SUSS APP users can also stake their tokens in the first layer (Spectrum) or second layer (Photon Network) blockchain for additional token returns.

Courses, Research, and Labs at SUSS

  • MeshBox and SmartMesh provide Internet bandwidth sharing, distributed/edge computation and storage for SUSS students/staff to research and use personally.
  • SUSS faculty members and researchers can collaborate, design blockchain courses, do experiments on the MeshBox network, organise discussions and meet-ups. 
  • SUSS can collaborate with other Institutes of Higher Learning which participate in the SUNSHINE Living Lab projects. It can apply for grants from Singapore companies and institutions, as well as from international institutions.

Merchants on SUSS Campus

  • Merchants and customers can use tokens to complete ordering and payment, buy goods, and receive discounts or reward points.
  • MeshBox's unique "Auto-group by connecting to WiFi" feature allows merchants to create their own groups for community marketing.
  • Through advanced analytics techniques, customers’ data can be processed without compromising privacy. Merchants, can explore new metrics such as customers’ frequency of entering the store, purchase preferences, and consumption levels.
  • Interested SUSS researchers can work with merchants to develop and enhance the above analytics, supply-chain, and other e-commerce tools related to blockchain.

Events and Conferences at SUSS

  • Participants check-in for events or conferences, automatically joining the SUSS chat group. 
  • Connected through WiFi, participants interact, exchange business contact information, and post personal status on the SUSS app.
  • Conference organisers use the SUSS app chat groups to deliver conference material and interact with each other.
  • The combination of MeshBox WiFi and chat groups enables Distributed (location-based) communications and Social Networking.

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