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Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates (GC) for Teaching & Curriculum Design

TLC will be offering two *Graduate Certificate (GC) courses:

  • WSX551 Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners
  • WSX552 Developing Courses for Adult Learners

*These courses are part of, and are parallel to, the Adult Learning Track of the Master in Boundary-Crossing Learning and Leadership (MBX) programme offered by IAL.

These courses offer a work-study platform for Associate Faculty to build their professional learning in the teaching of adult learners and writing of assessment (WSX551) and developing curriculum for adult learners (WSX552).

Taking an authentic problem-solving approach, participants will explore concepts, principles and frameworks related to curriculum design, instruction and assessment for adult learners. These courses are facilitated by online activities and supported by a course supervisor and an employer-mentor.


WSX551 Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners prepares the participants to teach adult learners and write assessment. Framed using the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA) approach, the course explores the core principles of adult learning, and addresses the various learning and teaching approaches to engage learners. Additionally, technology-enabled pedagogies for online and blended learning will be introduced; facilitating participants to design technology-enabled activities and models for flexible learning. Last but not least, drawing on the foundations of assessment and its strategies, participants will be guided to construct assessment tasks and scoring criteria.


Course Specifications

For more information about WSX551 Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners (course topics, learning outcomes, etc.), please refer here.


Course Information Session

To be updated.


Expression of interest to apply for WSX551

WSX551 will be offered every semester. Complete the form here to express your interest in applying for WSX551, and our team will reach out to you.


Note: The next run of WSX551 will commence in August 2023.

Note: More details will be shared at a later date on the course commencement date for WSX552.



WSX552 Developing Courses for Adult Learners provides participants with insights into the approaches, principles and processes in course development. The learning needs analysis explores types of learning gaps and needs in order to identify suitable interventions. Different course development approaches will also be examined, highlighting their pros and cons. Content analysis and sequencing strategies for effective learning will be used to facilitate the writing of content. Above all, Bigg’s constructive alignment framework will help to ensure the content, teaching and learning activities, and learning outcomes are aligned and coherent.

For any enquiries regarding the WSX courses offered by TLC, please email us at tlc@suss.edu.sg.



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